Gruntioli Studios

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Gruntioli Studios
State-owned enterprise
Founded2 December 2016
FounderGrant Bruns
Area served
Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon
OwnerDuchy of Aeolia
Number of employees
DivisionsFilm Industry, Music Industry, Game Industry

Gruntioli Studios is a multi-media state company owned and operated by the Duchy of Aeolia. It specializes in producing films, music, and video games. Its headquarters are located in the Duchy of Aeolia, part of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon.


Gruntioli Studios was originally founded as Granimate on 11 September 2016, a Youtube channel that specialized in producing hand-drawn animation and Brickfilms. Granimate was later disbanded on 2 December 2016 with all of the company's films undergoing wiping. Gruntioli Studios would be founded on the same day by rebranding the YouTube channel of the now-defunct Granimate. Gruntioli Studios would go on to acquire L'il Docta Nace Studios in 2017 which would remain managed by its CEO Donald Burnside. Gruntioli Studios would later be nationalized by the Duchy of Aeolia on 14 December 2020.


Gruntioli Studios originally produced films on a weekly basis, however, both films and songs have been produced on a spontaneous basis since.


Gruntioli Studios and its productions have been favorites of the citizens of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon since the founding of the company.



Album Genre Title Producer Starring Original air date Runtime
Dunk Ball Rap Freakah da Weekah Grant Bruns L'il Docta Nace 14 September 2017 2:20
Dunk Ball Rap Dunk Ball Grant Bruns L'il Docta Nace 15 September 2017 2:29
Dunk Ball Rap Chicken in my Lunch Grant Bruns L'il Docta Nace 21 September 2017 2:35
Dunk Ball Rap Who Am I? Grant Bruns L'il Docta Nace 28 September 2017 1:54
Dunk Ball Rap Gralpha Grant Bruns L'il Docta Nace 5 October 2017 1:43
Dunk Ball Rap I'm Not Playin' Grant Bruns L'il Docta Nace 12 October 2017 2:38
Dunk Ball Rap Glugalugalug Grant Bruns L'il Docta Nace, HWolfeHD, Uncle B 19 October 2017 4:19
Dunk Ball Rap Casual Boy Grant Bruns L'il Docta Nace 26 October 2017 2:17
Single Rap Spooky Anthem Grant Bruns L'il Docta Nace 31 October 2017 2:40
Single Rap Silly Kid Grant Bruns L'il Docta Nace 12 January 2018 5:22
Single Rap Lemonade Grant Bruns L'il Docta Nace 7 Febuary 2018 1:54
Single Rap Nace Grant Bruns L'il Docta Nace 5 April 2018 3:25
Single Rap Pants Grant Bruns L'il Docta Nace 15 January 2019 2:59
Single Techno Bread Guy Grant Bruns Grant Bruns, Caleb Scarberry 24 September 2019 0:48
Single Rap Moist Wet Ointment Cracker Grant Bruns L'il Docta Nace 16 Febuary 2020 2:14
Single Pop Wonderful Christmastime (Cover) Grant Bruns Grant Bruns, Scott Bruns 14 December 2020 3:45

Video Games

Genre Title Developer Original release date
Platformer shooter Pixeria Grant Bruns 15 August 2020


All films produced by Gruntioli Studios can be found on their official YouTube channel.

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