Oskonia Wildrose Party

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Wildrose Party
Parti Wildrose Oskonie
ChairmanLiam Alexander
FounderLiam Alexander
Founded14 July 2021
Membership (2021)4
Political Equality
Political positionCenter
Big tent
Colors     Pink
     Midnight blue
SloganOskonia First
4 / 7
Election symbol
Wildrose Party rose.svg

The Oskonia Wildrose Party , commonly known as the Wildrose Party or WRP, is a centrist big tent political party in the Kingdom of Oskonia advocating for freedom amongst all citizens, equality and progressivism. It was founded on 14 July 2021 by Liam Alexander. The current chairman is Jayden Dagsa. The Wildrose Party is currently the ruling party of Oskonia, as they hold 4 out of the 7 seats in the Deputertkammer.


The Oskonia Wildrose Party was founded on 14 July 2021 by Chairman and Prime Minister Liam Alexander. Immediately after foundation, he began work on recruiting members, designing promotional material, and drafting a policy book and party charter, all of which are still underway and in the early stages.

Promotional poster designed by Liam Alexander, with reasons on why to join the party.

List of Chairpeople

# Chairperson Term start Term end Time in office Deputy
1 MunroePortrait2021.jpg
The Right Honourable
Liam Alexander
14 July 2021 Incumbent 41 days Jayden Dagsa
1 Jayden Dagsa.jpg
The Right Honourable
Jayden Dagsa
24 August 2021 Incumbent 55 days Michael Shepard