Páirtí Aontachta Nua!

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Páirtí Aontachta Nua!
LeaderRobert Dickson
Deputy LeaderVacant
Founded26 November 2019
NewspaperSmaointe (Thoughts) (27th Nov. 2019)
Youth wingAontacht Óg!
Membership (2019)2
Celtic Rule
Christian Democracy
Political positionCentre-Right
Colors  Green
SloganSaoirse, Aontacht, Síochána!
(Freedom, Unity, Peace!)
AnthemErin Calls
Tusmorish Senate
0 / 3

Páirtí Aontachta Nua! is a political party based in Pacem, Tusmore (Abelden), led by Robert Dickson (Roibeárd Mac Riocaird in Irish). The Party is not opposed to the monarchy and does not see itself as Anti-monarchy but it does believe in reform of the current system. It believes in Celtic Rule which is a form of Irish led political ideology and Christian Democracy. The newspaper run by the organisation is 'Thoughts' ('Smaointe') and their youth wing is Aontacht Óg! (Young Unity!).



During this time the party was in it’s formative years, Robert Dickson was party leader and held 1 of the 3 senate seats by the end August of 2020. By October Robert had resigned his seat due to differences with coalition parties within the Senate. During December of 2020 Robert was made part of the Tanist council.


2021 was a slow year for PAN, as wider Abelden fell into stagnation so did Tusmore. It was only revitalised when King Kaos and his regent resigned. Robert being the Senior figure in the Council was made King of all Tusmore.


'Little People of Celtic Origin'

The Kingdom of Tusmore is known to have a small population of Irish speakers and people, seeing that the government was doing little to represent them and the increasing ridicule of their 'odd language' pushed them to speak out. At the forefront of this new revival of the Celtic spirit was party leader(Ceannaire Daoine, known locally) Robert Dickson.

No more shall we be known as the Little People of Celtic Origin, we will make a noise so grand they will have to listen.

— Speech given at the First Gathering (An Chéad Thionól), 26th of November 2019.

The party leader Robert Dickson since then has been very vocal about the importance of the new party in keeping customs and values of the Celtic people of Tusmore alive.

The party is continuing to grow and work is underway on building support from the rest of the Tusmorean people, only time will tell whether the party can make traction with people of Tusmore and across the Empire.


The 10 Point Plan

  • 1) Improve the Standing of the Irish Language across Tusmore.
    • By introducing legislation that will make the learning Irish compulsory in schools and offering optional after school organisations to improve their understanding and learning of the language.
  • 2) Abolish fees on all levels of education including University fees.
    • Every Child has the right to free schooling and Higher Education. No longer will fees and debt be a factor in making those choices for a child's future.
PAN Poster 2020 in Irish.
  • 3) Introduce St. Patrick's day as an official holiday.
    • Patrick is the Irish peoples patron saint, the state should recognize this as a national holiday.
  • 4) Tighten Immigration from outside Tusmore.
    • Everyone must be able to integrate into Tusmore society, as a small kingdom we must make sure the best and the brightest come to our great state.
  • 5) Give more power back to people: Referendums, reforms and local level politics.
    • The voice of the people of Tusmore need to be heard, widening the Senate and/or creating a lower chamber would allow for more representation within the state.
PAN Poster - The Fenian Woman (a 2019 poster).
  • 6) Free Public transport to those in education, pregnant women and OAPs.
    • No longer should the burden of travel costs hinder these social groups, creating a Public Transport Cost Exemption Card (PTCEC) will allow chosen people to travel for free on all Public Transport.
  • 7) Toughen the Criminal code and increase the police force budget and/or if no police then create a new police force.
    • The People of Tusmore deserve safety, a Tusmore Police service will help ensure that safety.
  • 8) Move towards the Tanistry system of Rule, promoting more Irish forms of Government.
    • The tanistry system was a key role in selecting Chieftains/Kings in the old world, now is the time to bring that system to Tusmore. Making the system of rule more fairer.
  • 9) Create a nationally recognized Youth Organisation: The Tusmore Scouts.
    • Children need a place of play and learning with other children of the same age group, the Tusmore Scouts will provide a safe and fun learning environment for kids to learn new skills and bond with other kids.
  • 10) Promote Catholic values throughout Tusmore Society.
    • The Principles of fairness and charity is most important in catholic teaching, we wish to extend those ethics in Tusmore.

There are many more issues the party is considering but these are the main points they wish to push though the Government.

Electoral performance


The Party held one seat in the Tusmorish senate in late 2019 to mid 2020 . This seat was held by party leader Robert Dickson

PAN, The Republicans and PRC-T are were in a grand coalition in the Senate. (May 2020)

Robert resigned his seat. (May 2020)

The party is scheduled to run again in the upcoming elections after the party leader Robert Dickson declared so to the Tusmorish King. (October 2020)