Connor I of Atovia

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Connor I
King of Atovia and Herzog of Theolonia
Official portrait of Connor I, June 2020.
King of Atovia
Reign5 May 2017 – Present
Herzog of Theolonia
Reign25 May 2020 – Present
King of Tusmore
Reign29 May 2020 – 28 June 2021
PredecessorNicholas Kaos
SuccessorRobert Dickson
RegentThomas Bainbridge
2nd President of the
Federated States of Transterra
In office
29 July 2018 – 29 December 2018
Preceded byRichard Dalton
Succeeded byRichard Dalton
Born19 December 1998 (1998-12-19) (age 25)
Ohio, USA
Connor Stumperth
ReligionRoman Catholic
Nationality United States
Citizenship Atovia
Political partyNew Democratic Party
(May 2018 - present)
Other political
We Are Anarchy! (Pacem)

Connor I (born Connor Stumperth on 19 December 1998) is the King of Atovia. Formerly, he was the King of the Democratic Kingdom of Mallanor. He is a center-left micronationalist, founding the New Democratic Party of Atovia. His micronational career began in 2014 with the foundation of Mallanor and his joining of the forum. One year after the collapse of the Mallanorian government and the start of his inactivity, Connor founded the Kingdom of Atovia, which is now his primary focus. Connor also holds citizenship in the Abeldane Empire, the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall, and the State of Pacem.


Connor I on the political compass, October 2022


Connor I founded the Democratic Kingdom of Mallanor on 28 April 2014, becoming its first and only King. While he was de jure a constitutional monarch, the lack of other government members left him as de facto absolute monarch. Much of the power of government was later shared with the prime minister, Michael H., during his two years in that position. The balance of government began to fall apart after the election of Ben W. as prime minister in April 2016. Shortly after this election, the government became permanently inactive and Connor I declared the nation defunct in May 2016.


Following the collapse of the Mallanorian government, Connor I began to work on a new micronation. On 5 May 2017, this work manifested as the Kingdom of Atovia. From May to December of that year, the kingdom maintained a low level of activity while Connor I developed the government and culture of the new nation. In December 2017, Connor I appointed a Minister of Energy and also appointed himself to the positions of acting Minister of National Defense, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Justice, and Minister of Public Safety, determining that these ministries were critical to the future of the nation. Shortly afterwards, in January 2018, he appointed himself Minister of Internal Affairs.


Following the abdication of Newton von Uberquie from the Abeldane throne in May 2020, the then King of Tusmore, Nicholas Kaos ascended to the imperial throne. This required him to abdicate the throne of Tusmore, which he did by appointing Connor I as Regent. An election was then held in accordance with the constitution of Tusmore in June 2020. Connor I was elected as the second King of Tusmore with Thomas Bainbridge as Regent.

Personal life

Connor is a student of Civil Engineering officially, but also a vexillographer and cartographer by hobby..

Royal Styles of
Connor I
Reference style His Royal Majesty
Spoken style Your Majesty
Alternative style Sire

Titles, styles, honors, and arms

Throughout his time within the micronational community, Connor has taken on different titles, honors and offices.

Full styles


His Royal Majesty
Connor I;
King of Atovia,
Duke of Theolonia,
Marquis of Armistead,
Marquis of Lawlingport,
Sovereign of the Order of Atovia,
Sovereign of the Order of the Crown,
Knight of the Order of Noon,
Knight of the Order of the Raven,
Knight of the Order of Saint Bartholomew,
Knight of the Abeldane Order,
Knight of the Tusmorish Order,
Knight Bachelor of the Order of the Gilded Rose,


Seine königliche Majestät
Connor I;
König von Atovien,
Herzog von Theolonien,
Markgraf von Armistead,
Markgraf von Lawlingport,
Souverän des Ordens von Atovien,
Souverän des Ordens der Krone,
Ritter des Mittagsordens,
Ritter des Rabenordens,
Ritter des Ordens des Heiligen Bartholomäus,
Ritter des Abeldane-Ordens,
Ritter des Tusmorischen Ordens,
Ritter Bachelor des Ordens der vergoldeten Rose,


Grand Cross First Class of the Order of Atovia Grand Cross of the Order of the Crown Grand Cross of the Gilded Rose 2nd Class

Ribbon Rack of Connor I

Atovian honors

Foreign titles

  • Pacem Markgraf von Armistead - 6 June 2021
  • Abeldane Empire Markgraf von Lawlingport - 1 April 2020

Foreign honors


The original Royal Standard of Atovia was designed and adopted by Connor I on 19 May 2018. The design was then updated on 3 November 2018 and updated further, to the current design, on 30 December 2019. The Royal Standard represents the monarch and is only permitted to be flown from buildings in which the Monarch is residing or displayed on vehicles used by the Monarch for official duties. The standard is a swallowtail horizontal tribands of blue, white, and orange, charged with the greater coat of arms.

The Royal Cypher was designed and adopted by Connor I on 20 May 2018.

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Connor I of Atovia
House of Stumperth
Born: December 1998
Royal titles
Preceded by
Throne Established
Monarch of the Kingdom of Atovia
5 May 2017
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Throne Established
Herzog of the Province of Theolonia
25 May 2020
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Nicholas Kaos
Monarch of the Kingdom of Tusmore
29 May 2020
Succeeded by
Political offices
Preceded by
Richard Dalton
President of Transterra
29 July 2018 - 29 December 2018
Succeeded by
Richard Dalton
Preceded by
Office Established
Minister of National Defense
28 December 2017
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Office Established
Minister of Public Safety
28 December 2017
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Office Established
Minister of Internal Affairs
2 January 2018
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Office Established
Minister of Justice
28 December 2017 - 9 February 2019
Succeeded by
Milaw Oakforrest
Preceded by
Office Established
Minister of Foreign Affairs
28 December 2017 - 11 April 2020
Succeeded by
Thomas von Bainbridge