Year 8 Atovian executive election

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Next Atovian executive election

← 2018 October 2020 or before
Candidate TBD TBD TBD
Party New Democratic Conservative Left-Green

Incumbent Chancellor

Nicholas Kaos

The next Atovian executive election to elect the 2nd Chancellor of Atovia is expected to be held in October 2020.


Previous election

The 2018 executive election was held following the adoption of the Basic Law of Atovia. Richard von Dalton of the Libertarian Party was the only candidate at the time and was elected without opposition.

Electoral system

Atovia uses Instant-runoff voting for executive elections. The Chancellor is elected for a maximum term of two years by a vote of the entire nation.


The Basic Law and federal election law provide that executive elections are held at least every two years. Therefore, the next election will take place before October 2020. The exact date will be determined by the Minister of Internal Affairs. Usually, a consecutive five-day period is chosen to allow for maximum voter turnout.

Opinion polls


Polling firm Date Sample size N/A
Ministry of Internal Affairs 0 0 0