Monarchy of Atovia

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King of Atovia
König von Atovien
Connor I
since 5 May 2017
StyleHis Majesty
Heir apparentNone
First monarchConnor I
Formation5 May 2017

The Atovian Monarchy, known in legal proceedings as the Crown, is a constitutional institution of the Kingdom of Atovia. The monarchy as a whole is comprised of the reigning Monarch and their family members. The Monarch holds the title of King (König) for males and Queen (Königin) for females.

The monarchy was originally established at the foundation of the kingdom in May 2017. The Monarch holds many powers in their royal prerogative and has the power to enact royal edicts, which may also be scrutinized and superseded by the House of Commons. According to the Constitution, the Monarch is the primary head of state of the kingdom and is vested with certain powers due to this.

The current Monarch is King Connor I, who took the throne at its establishment on 5 May 2017.

Powers and duties

The Monarch has the following duties and powers:

  • The power of royal prerogative
  • The power to grant noble titles and national awards
  • The power to select the Prime Minister
  • The power to grant or refuse royal assent to legislation
  • The power to issue Royal Edicts



List of Monarchs

Portrait Name Arms Reign House Cypher
Connor I
(b. 1998)
5 May 2017
6 years, 355 days



As per the Basic Law of Atovia, the succession to the throne follows absolute primogeniture within each royal house. If no heir can be found within the reigning house, a new ruling house is elected from the other eligible houses. This election is held between the heads of all the other royal houses and are voted on by the members of the Atovian nobility, called the Royal Council.

Full line of succession

House of Stumperth


The Monarch is addressed as His/Her Royal Majesty in formal situations and as Your Majesty or Sire/Dame in less formal ones.

Below are the full styles of the Monarch in both English and German, not including any personal titles or awards:


His/Her Royal Majesty
[Regnal Name] [Regnal Numeral];
King of Atovia,
Sovereign of the Order of Atovia,
Sovereign of the Order of the Crown,


Seine/Ihre königliche Majestät
[Regnal Name] [Regnal Numeral];
König von Atovien,
Souverän des Ordens von Atovien,
Souverän des Ordens der Krone,


There are three distinct standards in use by the monarchy: The Royal Standard, used to represent the monarch; the Standard of the Crown Prince/Princess, used to represent the current heir; and a standard for other members of the royal family. The original standards were designed and adopted by Connor I on 19 May 2018. The designs were then updated on 3 November 2018 and updated further, to their current design, on 30 December 2019. The Royal Standard represents the monarch and is only permitted to be flown from buildings in which the Monarch is residing or displayed on vehicles used by the Monarch for official duties. The other standards follow similar rules with the difference being the individual or individuals they represent. The standards are swallowtail horizontal tribands of blue, white, and orange, charged with the greater coat of arms, the middle coat of arms, and the heraldic crown, respectively.