Deputy Prime Minister of Atovia

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Deputy Prime Minister of the
Kingdom of Atovia
Atovia CoA Lesser.svg

since 10 July 2020
StyleThe Right Honorable
Term length1 year
Inaugural holderStephen Freayth
Formation10 August 2019

The Deputy Prime Minister (German: Stellvertretender Ministerpräsident) is selected by the Prime Minister to carry out the duties of the office. The duties of the Deputy Prime Minister are derived from the Prime Minister and are delegated as they see fit. In the event that the Prime Minister is unable to fulfill their duties, the Deputy Prime Minister serves as acting Prime Minister.

List of Deputy Prime Ministers

Name Party Portrait Term of office Prime Minister Chancellor Monarch
Stefan von Freayth CPA SF.jpg 10 August 2019 19 August 2019 Thomas von Bainbridge Edward Daniels Connor I
Newton von Uberquie LGM Newtonvonuberquie 1.jpg 26 October 2019 23 March 2020
Stefan von Freayth CPA SF.jpg 15 April 2020 10 July 2020
Newton von Uberquie LGM Newtonvonuberquie 1.jpg 31 July 2020 Incumbent Nicholas von Kaos

Time in office

Below is the list of Deputy Prime Ministers by total time in office:

  • 1. Newton von Uberquie - 517 days
  • 2. Stefan von Freayth - 95 days


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