Elections and referendums in Atovia

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Elections in Atovia include elections to the House of Commons, the Chancellor, and referendum questions.

The Basic Law of Atovia as well as other federal laws govern elections and establish requirements such as the secret ballot and requirement that all elections be conducted in a free and fair manner. Article 40, clause (1) of the Basic Law establishes universal suffrage and guarantees the right to vote and run for office: "All Atovian citizens over the age of sixteen, unless they lack legal capacity due to mental illness or mental incapacity, have political rights in national matters"

Atovian legislative elections are for all members of the House of Commons and executive elections are for the Chancellor. Legislative elections were held in February 2019, September 2019 and in April 2020. There has only been one executive election so far, in 2018.

Federal elections

Election system

File:Atovian Political System.svg
The Atovian political system

Legislative elections in Atovia are conducted approximately every year. Elections can be held at any time during a legislative session if certain procedures are followed. Should the House be dismissed before the full term has ended, elections are scheduled within the next month. The exact date of the election is chosen by the Monarch and are held for five consecutive days. Executive elections are held at least every two years. The ballots from legislative elections are counted using the Single transferable vote, and votes in executive elections are counted using Instant-runoff voting.

Atovian citizens over the age of 16 are eligible to vote and hold office.

List of legislative election results

Atovian parliament seats

List of by-election results

List of executive election results

Voter turnout in Atovian federal elections (percentage)

Provincial elections in Atovia

State elections are conducted under various rules set by the provinces. The election period is generally several months to a year, and the dates of elections vary from province to province.

Theolonia provincial election results

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