Basic Law of Atovia

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Basic Law of Atovia
The cover of the Basic Law
The cover of the Basic Law
Created 22 February 2019
Ratified 11 March 2019
Authors Connor Stumperth I

The Basic Law of the Kingdom of Atovia (German: Grundgesetz für das Königreich Atovien) is the first and current constitution of the Kingdom of Atovia. It defines the rights of citizens, the distribution of powers to the provinces, the organs of government, and the process to reform the constitution. The Basic Law is currently in progress, and it will later be ratified by the government and put to a referendum of the citizens.

Government prior to the Constitution

Until the constitution is completed and ratified, the government has no official regulations or organization. The government is not expected to change drastically following the ratification of the constitution, because it is operating under the current version of the Basic Law, and only minor changes are expected to be made.


The Basic Law will be revised by a small group of government officials following its completion. Following this, the signed and approved version will be put to a referendum of the citizens for official ratification.