Supreme Court of Atovia

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Supreme Court of Justice
Oberster Gerichtshof
Established12 May 2019
Composition3 Justices
Authorized byBasic Law of Atovia
Term length3 years
Chief Justice
IncumbentChase Nanatovich

The Supreme Court of Justice (German: Oberster Gerichtshof) is the court of last resort in the Kingdom of Atovia. All cases between provinces or against a government take place in the Supreme Court. It is also the final court for appeals from lower and provincial courts. The Supreme Court determines the constitutionality of all legislation before it can leave the House of Commons.


Justices of the Supreme Court are nominated and appointed by the Chief Justice of Atovia, with advice and suggestions from the House of Commons. In order to become a justice, one must be an Atovian citizen and must have an understanding of law and Atovian legislation.