Orders, decorations, and medals of Atovia

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The Atovian honors system is a means of rewarding individuals' personal bravery, achievement, or service to the Kingdom of Atovia. The system consists of three types of award – honors, decorations and medals:

  • Honors are used to recognize merit in terms of achievement and service;
  • Decorations tend to be used to recognize specific deeds;
  • Medals are used to recognize service on a particular operation or in a specific theater, long and/or valuable service, and/or good conduct.

Appointments to the various orders and awards of other honors are usually published in the Atovia Tribune.

Orders of chivalry

Currently, there is only one order of chivalry in Atovia. The Order of Atovia was established on 23 December 2018. It is currently the highest Atovian order of chivalry.

Order of Atovia

The Order of Atovia is an order of chivalry bestowed by the Atovian Monarch. Founded on 23 December 2018, it is the highest and most recently established Atovian order of chivalry.

The order is currently divided into five grades:

  • Grand Cross 1st Class (AGCI)
  • Grand Cross 2nd Class (AGCII)
  • Commander (AC)
  • Officer (AO)
  • Member (AM)