Order of Atovia

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Order of Atovia
Grand Cross of Atovia First Class.png
Insignia of a Grand Cross First Class of the Order of Atovia
Awarded by the
Greater CoA Atovia New.png
Monarch of Atovia
TypeNational order of merit
Established26 December 2018
MottoPro rege et patria
EligibilityCivilian and military personnel
CriteriaThe highest degree of merit, an outstanding level of talent and service, or an exceptional contribution to Atovia and humanity.
StatusCurrently constituted
SovereignConnor I
GradesGrand Cross 1st Class (AGCI)
Grand Cross 2nd Class (AGCII)
Commander (AC)
Officer (AO)
Member (AM)
Total inductees5 (December 2019)
Next (higher)None
Next (lower)Order of the Crown]

The Order of Atovia is an Atovian national order and the highest honor for merit in the Atovian system of orders, decorations, and medals. It comes first in the order of precedence.

The order was established on 26 December 2018 as a fellowship that recognizes the outstanding merit or distinguished service of Atovians who make a major difference to Atovia through great contributions in every field, as well as the efforts by non-Atovians who have made the world better by their actions. The five tiers of the order are Grand Cross 1st Class, Grand Cross 2nd Class, Commander, Officer, and Member; specific individuals may be given extraordinary membership and deserving non-Atovians may receive honorary appointment to each grade. The chancellor of Atovia holds the Grand Cross 2nd Class ex officio and may continue to hold the honor once they leave office. Only members of the royal family or foreign heads of state may receive the highest grade, the Grand Cross 1st Class.

The Monarch of Atovia is Sovereign of the order, and formally inducts members into the order. Since its establishment, five people have been appointed to the Order of Atovia. Appointees are presented with insignia and receive the right to armorial bearings.


The Atovian monarch, as the fount of honor, is at the head of the Order of Atovia as its Sovereign. Thereafter follow five grades, which are, in order of precedence: Grand Cross 1st Class, Grand Cross 2nd Class, Commander, Officer, and Member, each having accordant post-nominal letters that members are entitled to use. Recipients of the grades of Grand Cross 1st Class, Grand Cross 2nd Class, and Commander may also use the titles Sir or Dame.


Insignia of the Order of Atovia
Member - Order of Atovia.png
Officer - Order of Atovia.png
Commander - Order of Atovia.png
Grand Cross Second Class - Order of Atovia.png
Grand Cross 2nd Class
Grand Cross First Class - Order of Atovia.png
Grand Cross 1st Class

The ribbon is orange with white-blue-white stripes on both sides. All of the colors are the same as those on the national flag.


Grand Cross 1st Class (AGCI)

Grand Cross 2nd Class (AGCII)

Commander (AC)

  • Thomas Bainbridge (19 December 2019)
  • Chase Nanatovich (28 December 2020)

Officer (AO)

  • Chase Nanatovich (19 December 2019)

Member (AM)

  • Jonah Aragon* (19 December 2019)
  • Andrew Irons (28 December 2020)

*Honorary membership