Flag of Atovia

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Flag of Atovia
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Flag of Atovia
Use Civil and state flag and ensign
Proportion 3:5
Adopted 19 May 2017
Design A vertical triband of blue and orange with white fimbriation and a white bendlet sinister

The national flag of Atovia is the official flag of the Kingdom, representing the government as well as the people of Atovia. It was designed by King Connor I, and was adopted as the official flag on 19 May 2017. This day is now Flag Day, a national holiday celebrating the meaning and importance of the flag.

The flag of Atovia holds symbolism for the people of the nation. The two blue bands represent freedom and justice respectively, and the orange band represents perseverance. The vertical white bands represent peace, and the ascending white diagonal represents the nation rising and growing from nothing.


Scheme Blue White Orange
RGB 0-51-102 255-255-255 255-136-0
Hexadecimal #003366 #FFFFFF #FF8800

Rules of Use

Half Staff

The flag must be lowered to half staff when the Monarch declares a state of national mourning, and on all national days of mourning as chosen beforehand. If the flag is not flying on a pole, or if it is impossible to lower the flag to half staff, a black ribbon is to be flown from the top of the flag.

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