Elections and referenda in Theolonia

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Elections in Theolonia include elections to the Executive Council, the Legislative Assembly, the High Court, and referendum questions.

The Basic Law of Atovia, the Constitution of Theolonia, as well as other federal and provincial laws govern elections and establish requirements such as the secret ballot and requirement that all elections be conducted in a free and fair manner. Article 40, clause (1) of the Basic Law establishes universal suffrage and guarantees the right to vote and run for office: "All Atovian citizens over the age of sixteen, unless they lack legal capacity due to mental illness or mental incapacity, have political rights in national matters." Article 19, clause (1) of the Constitution of Theolonia has a similar purpose and reads: "All Atovian citizens who are citizens of the province, are at least 16 years of age, and are entitled to vote on federal matters enjoy voting and electoral rights and the other political rights in respect of provincial and municipal affairs."

Legislative elections in Theolonia are for all members of the Legislative Assembly and executive elections are for the Executive Council. A legislative and executive election was held in June 2020.

Provincial elections

Election system

File:Theolonian Political System.svg
The Theolonian political system

Legislative elections in Theolonia are conducted approximately every year. Elections can be held at any time during a legislative session if certain procedures are followed. Should the House be dismissed before the full term has ended, elections are scheduled within the next month. The exact date of the election is chosen by the Monarch and the Director of Internal Affairs. Executive elections are held once all eligible members of the Executive Council have served as President of Theolonia for a one-year term. The ballots for legislative elections are counted using the Single transferable vote, and votes in executive elections are counted using Instant-runoff voting.

List of legislative election results

List of legislative by-election results

List of executive election results

List of executive by-election results

List of judicial election results

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