Tusmorish Order

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Tusmorish Order
Ribbon of the Tusmorish Order
Awarded by King of Tusmore
TypeDynastic order
Established29 August 2019
Awarded forAssisting in the future of Tusmore
SovereignConnor Stumperth
GradesSovereign (STO)
Knight (KTO)
Commander (CTO)
First induction29 August 2019
Total inductees8
EquivalentOrder of the Holy Angels and Saints (Alenshka)

The Tusmorish Order is the lowest order of chivalry in the Kingdom of Tusmore as well as being the lowest order than can be given out by the King of Tusmore. The order was founded by Nicholas on 29 August 2019 when the designs of the ribbons were completed. It is awarded to those who help the formation of Tusmore or to those who assist in other endeavors related to Tusmore.


Excluding the Sovereign, there are two grades of the order.

  • Sovereign
  • Knight
  • Commander


Sovereign (STO)

Due to there being no permanent King of Tusmore as of current, there is no sovereign of the Order. However, Regent Connor Stumperth has the ability to honor individuals with the Order.

Knight (KTO)

Commander (CTO)