Order of the Mountain

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Illustrious Order of the Mountain
Collar of the Illustrious Order of the Mountain
Awarded by the
King of Demirelia
TypeDynastic order
Established8 October 2019
MottoEnig og tro til fjellene fallen
United and Loyal until the mountains crumble
EligibilityExceptional achievements to the Kingdom and to Abelden
Awarded forAt the monarch's pleasure
StatusCurrently constituted
Sovereign and Grand MasterPatrick I
GradesKnight/Dame Commander (KCOM/DCOM)
Commander (COM)
First induction11 October 2019
Last induction11 October 2019
Next (higher)Order of Demirelia
Next (lower)None

Ribbon of the Illustrious Order of the Mountain

The Illustrious Order of the Mountain (Norwegian: Fjellordenen) is an order of chivalry bestowed by the Monarch of the Kingdom of Demirelia. Founded on the 8 October 2019, it is the lowest of the 3 chivalric orders in the state.


The order was created on 8 October 2019 via a royal decree issued by Patrick I


Badge of the Order

The order is currently divided into two grades, excluding the Sovereign and Grand Master:

  • Sovereign and Grand Master
  • Knight/Dame Commander
  • Commander


Knight/Dame Commander (KCOM/DCOM)

Commander (COM)

  • None