Order of the Two Eagles

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Order of the Two Eagles
Sovereign's insignia
Awarded by the
Emperor of Paravia
and the
Emperor of the Abeldane Empire and King of Alenshka
TypeDynastic order
Established30 April 2017
MottoTemet nasce
EligibilityApproval of both Emperors of the Empires.
Awarded forExceptional achievements to the Empires of Abelden and Paravia.
SovereignsPatrick I
GradesKnight (KOTE)
First induction10 July 2017
Total inductees3
Next (lower)Order of the Imperial Star (Paravia)
Order of St. Philip the Apostle (Abelden)

Ribbon of the Order of the Two Eagles

The Order of the Two Eagles is the highest chivalric order in both the Empire of Paravia and the Abeldane Empire. It was established on 30 April 2017 and has only one rank, which is of a knight. The order is only awarded for citizens that have done exceptional achievements in both the Empires of Abelden and Paravia. The Order of the Imperial Star of Paravia and the Order of St. Philip the Apostle are below the order.

Since its establishment, the order has only had three recipients;

Mikael Bokmann, who served as the Attorney General of Abelden and as Riksminister of Paravia was the first to be granted the order in July 2017.

John Bercow, speaker of the British House of Commons between 2009 and 2019. Bercow was given the honour due to his influence on Abeldane culture and parliamentary procedure, and as compensation for the fact he was not given a peerage upon his retirement as Speaker.

Anthony Clark, Former Chief Justice of the Reichshöchsgericht and Abeldane lawyer and jurist, granted the order in May 2020 for his writing of the second edition of the Abeldane Code, the complete law code of the Abeldane Empire.



  • Sovereign
  • Knight


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