We Are Anarchy!

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We Are Anarchy!
LeaderNicholas Kaos
Founded10 June 2020
NewspaperQuo Times
Membership (2020)3
Direct democracy
Political positionCenter-left to far-left
Colours  Red
2 / 3
3 / 5
Territorial legislative seats
2 / 2

We Are Anarchy!, known more commonly by its acronym WAA is a confederalist, pro-direct democracy, environmentalist party in the State of Pacem. It was founded on 10 June 2020 and is currently the majority party in the Senate.

Electoral performance


Election year Candidate Constituency Votes % Rank Outcome
2020 I[1][2] Chase Nanartowicz Netuk 1 25.0 2nd Elected
Connor Stumperth Calverton 1 50.0 1st Elected
Election year Candidates Votes % Rank Outcome
2020 II Connor Stumperth 3 60.0 1st Elected
Chase Nanatovich 1 20.0 2nd Elected


Election year Candidate Votes % Rank Outcome
2020 I[3] N/A


Election year Candidate Votes % Rank Outcome
2020 I[3] Connor Stumperth 6 100.0 1st Elected


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  2. The first legislative election had state-based constituencies, however this was changed in the 2020 constitution and therefore in following elections.
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