Scuttle (bird)

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BreedDoubled-factored pied
c. early 2018
Maryland, USA
Known forPet of the Imperial Family of Pacem
OwnerNicholas Kaos
Named afterName chosen by the noise he made in the box used to bring him home

Scuttle, also known by his Pacemian name Scuttle de Avis, is a pet budgie adopted by the Imperial Family of Pacem and has been a member of the household since July 2018. He was purchased at a Petco in Lusby, Maryland. He is the head of the House of Avis, and has had a total of 14 offspring, with 5 still being members of the household. Scuttle is currently a Count in Pacem, being granted the title of Count of Abies.[1]

Early life

It is unknown exactly when Scuttle was born, however, it is likely that he was born in a breeding centre which distributed him to Petco when he was around 5 months old[2] sometime in June/July 2018. He was purchased in July 2018 by the Imperial Family following the death of his predecessor Pip, who was the original pet bird of the Grand Princess Meghan. Scuttle originally lived with his mate Pepper and the Imperial Family in the historical Pacemian territory of Con until 2019 when the family moved to Baltimore, Maryland. Directly prior to this move, Scuttle and Pepper would have their first batch of eggs, which would hatch into Chicken Nugget, Unlucky, and Purdue when the family settled into their new house in Baltimore.


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