House of Avis

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House of Avis
Country Pacem
TitlesCount of Pacem
FounderScuttle de Avis
Current headScuttle de Avis
Cadet branchesHouse of Avis-Giavadi
House of Avis-Severna

The House of Avis is a non-human noble family in the State of Pacem. The current head of the house is Scuttle de Avis who was granted the head of the house by his owner Nicholas Kaos.


All members of the house are descended from Scuttle de Avis. There are currently 6 (underlined) members of the Imperial Household belonging to the House of de Avis.

  • Count Scuttle de Avis (born 2018) m. Pepper (2017-2020)†
    • Chicken Nugget de Avis (b. 2019)
    • Unlucky de Avis (2019)†
    • Purdue de Avis (b. 2019)
    • Archimedes de Avis (b. 2020)
    • Kit de Avis-Giavadi (b. 2020)
    • Kat de Avis-Giavadi (b. 2020)
    • Wilbur de Avis (b. 2020)
    • Little Foot de Avis (b. 2020)
    • Lemon de Avis-Giavadi (b. 2020)
    • Molasses de Avis (b. 2020)
    • Sny Guy de Avis (b. 2020)
    • Honey de Avis (b. 2020)
  • Bugsy de Avis-Severna (2018-2020)†
  • Napkin de Avis-Severna (b. 2021)
  • Fork de Avis-Severna (b. 2021)

Bold - Head of the House
Italicized - Married into the House
† - Deceased