Monarchy of Pacem

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Emperor of Pacem
Griffin I
StyleHis Majesty
Heir presumptiveNone
First monarchGriffin I
Formation26 January 2016
(as Emperor of Pacem)
14 November 2017
(as King of Pacem)
20 June 2020
(as Emperor of Pacem)

The Monarchy of Pacem, also known as the Throne of Pacem is the office comprising of the monarch of Pacem and the Imperial Family at the time. The Monarchy of Pacem includes the Monarch of Pacem and the house associated with the Monarch. The constitutional title of the office is Monarch, with males being Emperors and females being Emperesses. The first and current monarch is His Imperial Majesty Emperor Griffin I, who has held the throne since 26 January 2016. The Monarch is bestowed the title of Emperor of Pacem, with the title depending on the Monarch's gender, as well as being referred to as 'Their Imperial Majesty', once again depending on the Monarch's gender.

Duties and Powers

The following are the powers of the monarch under the Articles of Establishment.

  • Make imperial decrees
  • Bestow titles and honors
  • Modify succession
  • Assign the Chancellor
  • Give assent to bills passed in the Senate
  • Govern and administrate the armed forces
  • Declare war

List of Monarchs

No. Name
Full name
Portrait Reign House Notes Title
Reign start Reign end Reign duration
1 Griffin I
Nicholas Kaos
born 2003
26 January
29 July
1280 days Kaos Empire abolished. Emperor of Pacem
until 20 June 2017
King of Pacem
until 14 November 2017
High King of Pacem
until 15 January 2018
Emperor of Pacem
from 15 January 2018
Monarchy abolished.
(1) Griffin I
Nicholas Kaos
born 2003
6 June
Present 1501 days Kaos Empire reestablished. Emperor of Pacem
from 6 June 2020
King of Veqlar
from 2 July 2020


Pacem is an electoral monarchy, of which singular candidates are pooled from a number of royal houses granted to run in elections by previous Monarchs. There has yet to be an election in Pacem as Griffin Kaos was guaranteed the throne in the 2020 Constitution.

Houses Allowed in Succession


The Monarch is addressed as His/Her/Their Imperial Majesty formally and in documentation.

Below is the full title of the Monarch:

His Imperial & Royal Majesty,
His Simpness,
the Emperor of Pacem,
King of Veqlar,
Marquis of Nekut