Kingdom of Pacem

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Kingdom of Pacem
Clurass de Pasém
Ríocht na Pacem
Kongedømme av Pacem
Coat of arms
Motto: Tá ainm mór do na haoiseanna (A great name for the ages)
Anthem: Serene Skies (by Griffin Kaos)
File:Indian Ocean; United States of America
Largest cityIndo
Official languagesEnglish, Norwegian, Irish Gaelic, Flaré
GovernmentA technocratic constitutional monarchy with a privy council-like legislative
• King
Griffin I
• Prime Advisor
Stephen Freayth
• Census
Time zoneEastern Standard Time
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Empire of Pacem
w:United states
w:Federated States of Micronesia
Second Empire of Pacem

Pacem (English: pasɛm), officially the Kingdom of Pacem (Flaré: Clurass de Pasém, Irish Gaelic: Ríocht na Pacem, Norwegian: Kongedømme av Pacem), commonly referred to as the Celtic Kingdom and the Sci-Fi Kingdom, and cited in official documents as the Technocratic Celtic Kingdom of Pacem, is a federal kingdom founded on 21 June 2017 and is lead by its founder and current leader King Griffin Kaos l. It has a relatively large claim of 5.44 km^2 of which is under sovereign control of the state, located in the American state of Maryland, along with scientific territories in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. The kingdom is a sovereign, self-governing territory called a micronation by most outside observers, and is seen as an autonomous region of the United States of America.

Currently, the kingdom was formerly under the jurisdiction of the Federal Empire of Aarbaro, and was one of the founding members of the federation on 20 June 2017 alongside the State of Wind River. However, Pacem is now a sovereign state, gaining independence once again on 21 November 2017. The kingdom still hosts the Aarbarian National Science Association. This organization plays in part to the technological and scientific importance to the kingdom, with culture and government being centered around scientific fact, along with science fiction having a large part.

The kingdom consists of 2 cantons, which are divided into 3 towns, and an administrative territory shared as a condominium with the Abeldane Empire. Each canton is led by a chieftain, who also acts as the leader of the territories respective clan or house that legally commands the territory. Clan representatives are required to meet together in the state legislative called the High Parliament, named so for of the Clan Kaos' origins of Clan MacPherson and the original legislature's name of Highland Circle. The government is mainly based off that of the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, along with ancient Celtic traditions. The country is led by the Monarch, (Current: King Griffin Kaos I) with the government led by a Prime Minister (Current: Duke Stephen Freayth I.)

Pacem scores a 3.6 out of 5 on David's Micronational Potential Index and a 3.6 out of 6 on Freayth's System of Classification.


Pacem is derived from the noun version of the Latin word "peace" in Latin.[1] This was chosen because when the nation was in its early stages of formation, it was believed that Pacem would never have wars in its history. After the Republic of Abies, Pacem was called the Galactic Empire of Pacem due to being a simulationist, planet claiming nation, then called the Empire of Pacem due to a change in the political style of the nation. It is now named the Kingdom of Pacem in respect to keeping the government system placed by the Federal Empire of Aarbaro.

Name Demonym Adjective Full Name
English Pacem Pacemian Kingdom of Pacem
Flaré Pasém Pasémiscel Regathall de Pasém
Norsk Pacem Pacemann Kongedømme av Pacem
Gaeilge Pacem Muintir na Pacem Pacenach Ríocht na Pacem


Early History

Pacem officially started on 6 June 2015 as the Republic of Abies, a simulationist dictatorship led by Griffin Kaos. Formed out of boredom in his grandmother's basement, he was soon to claim the entire property and a local park across the street, starting the first incarnation of the Town of Con, at the time having no official name, but was generally called the "Old Territory." Claiming 7 citizens, he appointed his mother Heidi Tenebaum as the Vice President of the nation, and Meghan Tenebaum as the de jure Head of Government. However, this was more used to attempt to cover up the fact that Griffin controlled absolutely everything in the country. Seeing that many respectable nations had many citizens, the pet fish Obie in the newly formed Administrative Territory of Carney and "appointed him" as the Minister of Animals and Environmental Protection, of which was solely controlled by the fish, but of course had no activity. Also as Carney was claimed, the stepmother and father of Griffin became residential citizens and the current co-mascot of the nation Kona became the newest citizens. But soon, the simulationist state did not do so well, as it was seen as ridiculous, and a useless dictatorship. This caused the Abiean Civil War, of which Meghan & Heidi Tenebaum rebelled under the Kingdom of Shoplandia. After two physical battles, the federal government won, but spread out power a little more in the nation and ditched animal citizenship. This was the closest Abies came to secessionism, however, this was never truly achieved. As sometime in July, simulationism was starting to peak once again.

Flag originally used for Abies

During the month of July, Griffin and Heidi agreed to declare war on the former inspiration of Abies: the Kingdom of Lovely. It was the president's naive opinion that Lovely's king, Danny I, had mistreated his citizens, as Griffin believed he abandoned them without anything to support them. Contacting a proclaimed faction of Lovely, Abies was met with hostile threats about the idea about the nation, and Abies proceeded to commit cyber attacks on the faction. However, when Griffin came to his senses, he discussed this issue with another Lovlian, and the issue of being abandoned was cleared up. However, the conflict was never ended with a treaty, and was seen to have finally ended when Abies turned to Pacem. After this, Abies didn't do much. At one point, the fake cult of Kaosism was formed, and led by a made up individual commonly know as X, who succeeded the fake territory of Mysteria to Abies. This soon fizzled out, however, but did have a structure of gods and spirits, such as worshiping he Creepypasta character known as "The Rake[2]" as a demonic spirit. After months of general inactivity, a nation declared a state of war on Abies, but after a while was not taken seriously, and soon the very brief conflict became known as the Troll War. It was only one email sent by the president to act as an offensive move, but was not responded to.

But from the December of 2015 to 26 January 2016, Abies was without a centralized government. There are two local theories why this happened, and both involve a shooting at the president with a BB gun. The president and vice president claim it was an act of terrorism by the lower class to revolt against the pseudo-dictatorship still in place. However, the lower class claims that they shot at him in order to simply get him on his feet. To this day, the reasoning is still disputed, but not many care any more after nearly two years. After this uprising, the government saw a radical change to an absolute monarchy, with Griffin now acting as the emperor. Previously, Abies had dozens of alliances with many nations, but only relations with the Aerican Empire and the Kingdom of Bedroomia. This new empire was still simulationist, and had a very immature looking flag with several copyrighted symbols on it. Griffin started drafting a constitution, seeing that many nations were democratic and some opposed to absolute monarchies. Soon, a Dale Eddiker became a citizen, and designed the infamous "Imperial Star Banner." Also around this time did Pacem make a very important alliance with the Duchy of Hodiny, of which had very similar ideologies to Pacem later on.

On 25 April 2016, Pacem started to become much more serious. The adoption of the "Imperial Star Banner" led to much more respect from community members, as the flag looked much more professional rather than a childish piece of art. Soon after this happened, the title of "Galactic Empire" was changed to "Empire," which included dropping the planetary claims previously held. This was in part to Griffin realizing these were useless claims, and seeing that space is equal ground for everyone. Finally, Kaosism was thrown away, and a beta constitution was written a long side the official Declaration of Independence. This marked the end of Pacem's Early History, also called the End of the Simulationist Era.

Beginning of Secessionism

The official end of the Simulationist Era occurred on 25 April 2016, when Griffin Kaos officially dropped the title of Galactic Empire to Empire, signifying a wish for a more serious government, and nation as a whole. Animal citizenship had been completely dropped by now, along with the stories of occurrences in the siumlationist government Kaosism. However, unlike most serious nations, micronational war was not completely disregarded, as this secessionist mindset partly came from the Somali Haiti War. This was a somewhat physical and mostly digital conflict between the allied nations of the Greater Newmerican Socialist Republic (GNSR), Duchy of Hodiny, Confederation of Renfrew, and the Empire of Pacem against the Somali Haiti Republic and the United Soviet States of America. This was on the terms of Somali Haiti attacking the GNSR, and with recently signed treaties between Hodiny and Pacem, started minor physical conflicts and major digital conflicts. The Pacemian military group working on the conflict, the Pacemain CyberForce, claimed to have hacked several Somali Haitian computers, with the confirmation from both the GNSR and an ambassador from Somali Haiti. These sorts of conflicts lasted until 3 June 2016 when both Hodiny and Pacem agreed to step out of the war due to the controversy surrounding it, along with the nearing end of the conflict. This was a decision made by the Imperial Senate of Pacem by unanimous vote, and the order was carried out at 2200 UTC on 3 June 2016. Only 3 days later did the war officially end, however, skepticism rose. Many posters originating from GNSR sources were found to have been created with terrible photoshop, and some sources claiming most of these were stock photos. Griffin Kaos officially announced a message of apology to the entire MicroWiki community on its childish behavior during this period.

During this time was also the 1st anniversary of Pacem, signifying a middle point in the region. This came with the joining of the Kermadec Union, of which was an organization that promoted secessionism in micronationalism, and worked as a political, economic, and cultural union. This also, however, received a great deal of criticism, due to true secessionism not being held high in the community at the time. However, it gave the start of the Aarbarian-Pacemian economy, with the predecessor of the Pacemian Imperil, the Kaos Imperial, had it's beginnings. However, due to the lack of use of a currency in Pacem, the currency flopped, and wasn't revisited until the days of Aarbaro. The end of this stage in Pacemian history tends to be seen when Griffin started investing in his social life, eventually putting micronationalism in the back of his mind. However, in the January of 2017, Griffin attempted at micronationalism by creating a new kingdom, nearly signing up under a new user on the MicroWiki Forums, however decided against it.

Aarbarian Era

On the 20 June 2017, Griffin Kaos and Ava Neasa formed the Federal Empire of Aarbaro, and transferred the Empire of Pacem's power to Artemis under her rule as Empress.[3] Pacem became a federal kingdom under the Empire, and has the ability to have near full autonomy, but guidelines set by the Treaty of Dec, which was what formed the empire, restricted the activities of the Pacemian government. Diplomatic relations were originally not allowed, however, the Empress has allowed individual states to make separate trade and military agreements in order to allow more states right to please the people of the various states. However, the treaty enforced open borders between federal states, along with a shared currency. This caused no problems in Pacem, as open borders cause no problems, and the currency now used in Aarbaro is Pacemian in origin.

Stephen Freayth, the Prime Minister

During this time, Pacem started officiating unseen in previous incarnations. First came King Griffin Kaos appointing Duke Stephen Freayth as the official Prime Minister, soon after he had become a citizen of the country. Griffin appointed him of 13 July 2017,[4] giving him partial power over the government and being the head of the Advisory Council. During this time as an Aarbarian state, Pacem became much more influential in the micronational community. Pacem emerged as a leading secessionist state to get Pacem and Aarbaro to macronational standards, and became a major player in organizations such as the Konmalehth and several incarnations of the Kermadec Union.

Starting on 14 November 2017, Pacem started pushing for independence, after an agreement of the Advisory Council. On 16 November 2017, Griffin Kaos officially signed the declaration of independence. On 21 November 2017, Ava Neasa, the empress of Aarbaro, officially made a decree allowing Pacemian independence. Griffin Kaos remained King, as well as keeping Stephen Freayth as the Prime Minister. The kingdom remained in the Konmalehth, as well as keeping the Pacemian Imperil as its currency.


(main article: Economy of Pacem)

The economy of Pacem is based upon a unique blend of a market and command economy, of which people are able to buy and pay for anything they wish, however, due to the size of the workforce, there is much government intervention on a corporate level. There is a singular company called NerdBros Incorporated, which is a multimedia producing organization which specializes in the writing of books, the making of images and movies, and software coding. These products are mainly exported to the Kingdom of Coria, Kingdom of Jupiter, the Federal Empire of Aarbaro, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


Pacemian culture mainly derives from European and American cultures. This is mainly from Pacem being located primarily on the North American continent, but accepting European influences, believing that the cultural standards are much better than found in America. Most dishes eaten by territorial citizens, located in the Canton of Kaos, eat a variety of Western foods coming from various cultural backgrounds, such as cheeseburgers, tacos, ziti, and most commonly, pizza. Some Arab cuisine is also eaten, due to the heritage of several citizens.

Dress is usually either formal or very casual, with jeans and t-shirts being exceptionally popular in many regions. Despite quite warm climates, many Pacemians dress in long clothing, even during the height of summer. Culture is generally based upon that of the Canton of Kaos, with an appreciation for science fiction, fantasy, and other "nerdy" subjects often idolized. The art culture in Pacem is dependent on small handfuls of the population, but Renaissance art and modern fanart are popular subjects. Memes and Microball comics are also mildly popular.

The logo of Dungeons and Dragons, the national game

National Symbols

All national symbols in Pacem are decided upon will of the Monarch based upon current interests of the people at the time. The national symbols may be changed several times a year, and countless times under each Monarch. New national symbols may be created at the will of the Monarch as well, as such with taking away a national symbol.

National Symbol Symbol
National Animal Domesticated dog (Canis lupus familiaris)
National Song/Anthem Serene Skies
National Video Game Skyrim
National Movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi
National Show Expedition Unknown
National Book Heroes of Olympus: The House of Hades
National Game Dungeons and Dragons


Music among Pacem is highly varied, as many citizens come from different cultures. However, a majority of the population listens to some variant of rock, some popular examples of highly listened to bands are Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and The Offspring. Rap is also popular, with artist such as Eminem, or certain rap songs from the musical Hamilton. In smaller quantities, classical music and reggae is listened to occasionally.

In the early history of Pacem, rock was much more influential. With several different individuals holding citizenship at the time, rock was much more integrated in the forms of Fall Out Boy and Led Zeppelin. Before Serene Skies, The Phoenix (pictured below) used to be the national anthem of Pacem for quite some time.

Art depicting one of King Griffin's favorite songs: The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy


The official news source of Pacem is the Quo Times. Pacem also has been mentioned in the DNSR of the Communitarian Republic and the Ërsten Times of Hodiny.

Logo of the Times

The Quo Times has been around ever since 11 July 2016, first reporting upon whether the Shorewellese Empire would be discontinued at the time, and on the first Pacemian economic reforms.[5] Since then, the Quo Times has worked as the government's official go to for reports, and has been used by the Monarch to relay news to the greater micronational community. It is also commonly used as the unofficial media source for the Federal Empire of Aarbaro, followed only by the Larsonian Herald.


There are many geographic features notable in Pacem.

In Abies Woods, there is a 8.1 metre tall cliff that many American citizens have been severely hurt attempting to go down it. This has been declared a spot of endangerment to residents of Carney and the Town of Carnegi.

There is also a small creek dubbed Empire Creek by the Pacemian Geographic Society. It supports a large biodiversity of flora and fauna, including ferns and Red Fox.


Carnegi & Con

Both regions are in the State of Maryland, so they have very similar climates and are listed together.

The climate of Pacem is highly variable. These regions are located in a deciduous temperate forest area, with the temperature ranging from an average low of 6.75 °C to an average high of 18.38 °C. It has a moderate average rainfall of 8.89 centimeters per year, with April being the driest month and September the most prevalent of precipitation.

A graph depicting the average climate in Maryland and Pacem.


Approximately 4,400 kilometers south of the equator, Oceanic Pacem is a little chilly. The average temperature throughout the day is only 56.8 °C, with a high of 16.1 °C and a low of 11.6 °C on average. The average precipitation rate is a rather great amount of 111.9 centimeters per year.



The population of Pacem is mostly of American nationality. This promotes a better shared culture between citizens, as they have had similar experiences during American citizenship. The ratio of female citizens to male citizens is 1:1.

As of the August 2017 count, there are 10 citizens, equaling the all time high set in the July of 2017 of 9 citizens.

A line connecting the points of which Pacemian citizens live.


Officially a secular state, the kingdom has a majority of people following the faith, but this is led closely behind by Atheism, of which a clean quarter of all Pacemian citizens believe there is no spiritual force. However, this has not always been the case. In the beginning of Pacemian history, of which was known as the Republic of Abies, the nation started out as non-denominational Christian, due to the dictator following the fate. Then, from September 2015 to December, Pacem was secular, but still ruled by a then Universalist dictator. For a few weeks the state had a brief flirt with Satanism in the form of the Church of Ellie, of which Nick Kaos has been awarded honorary membership, despite being an Atheist. But after the January of 2016, the state remained secular in the hopes of being more accepting to more faiths.


The entire population of Pacem are native, fluent English speakers. This is the primary language of Pacem, being used in everyday society, diplomacy, and politics.

The secondary languages of Pacem are Flaré, Spanish, and Irish Gaelic. While Flaré and Irish Gaelic are permitted for official governmental documents, Spanish is to be used as a diplomatic language (along with English). These languages were selected based on diplomatic possibilities, such as a majority of Spanish speakers in the United States. Others were chosen by cultural ties, such as Irish Gaelic being the language of the land Griffin Kaos has roots in.

Minority Languages

Minority languages are languages spoken by small parts of the Pacemian population, or 20% or less of the population can speak it. Many of these languages are Indo-Aryan such as Tamil and Hindi, and Dravidian languages such as Kannada, all spoken by 12.5% of the population.


(main article: Flaré)
Flaré is a constructed language, or conlang, made by Griffin Kaos to promote Pacemian culture, and as an experiment to see how languages can effect a society and how making one works. It is what is called a Xenoic language, largely based upon Vulcan and Klingon languages. It also has some influences of Germanic and Romance languages, however, more and more words are becoming more alien.

See also

Pacem in Flaré


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