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Created byGriffin Kaos
Regulated byFlaré Scripture Department
Spoken inPacem
Total speakers1 (Several learning)
  • Flaré

Flaré is a constructed language, or conlang, made by Griffin Kaos. It is what is called a language isolate, or a language that has no genealogical relationship between other languages. It is written in the Latin alphabet, and words are made to the Flaré Scripture Department's will.


The alphabet of Flaré contains 31 letters. This is the alphabet itself.

  • Aa /ā/
  • Bb /b/
  • Cc /k/
  • Çç /so͞o/
  • Dd /d/
  • Ee /ē/
  • Éé /e/
  • Ff /f/
  • Gg /g/
  • Hh /h/
  • Ii /ī/
  • Īī /KH/
  • Jj /j/
  • ᛃ /lal/
  • Ll /l/
  • Mm /m/
  • Nn /n/
  • Ññ /nə/
  • Oo /ō/
  • ᛤ /häKH/
  • Pp /p/
  • Qq /kw/
  • Rr /r/
  • Ss /s/
  • Tt /t/
  • Uu /yo͞o/, /ʌ/ (After Z)
  • Vv /v/
  • Ww /w/
  • Xx /ˌze/
  • Yy /y/
  • Zz /z/


  • 1 - Yamaha
  • 2 - Dwivirsen
  • 3 - Nathaīulu
  • 4 - Séīadu
  • 5 - Ézinalénuī
  • 6 - Émaīintoī
  • 7 - Qickdubick
  • 8 - Buīla
  • 9 - Tybénaa
  • 10 - Jacabathnokilus

Comparison Table

This table includes the official languages of Pacem, which are English, Spanish, Irish Gaelic, and Flaré.

English Spanish Irish Gaelic Flaré
Hello Hola Dia dhuit Kakoreway
(Good)bye Adios Slán Shishiī
Good Buen Maith Bonovik
Pacem Pasem Pacem Pasém
Bad Mal Dona Catorwaywené
Water Agua Uisce Locoma
Fire Fuego Dóiteáin Nekerī
Empire Imperio Imperieacht Yomerass
Phone Teléfono Fón Ichñtéch

Flaré Scripture Department

The Flaré Scripture Department (FSD) is the regulating body for the Flaré language. Its core member is Griffin Kaos. It constantly updates the words in the language, occasionally completely revisiting the language to change word structure, or entire words themselves.


  • Proper nouns have -an- at the end if the word. Use Xbox as an example. English: Xbox. Flaré: Xboxan.
  • The sentence structure is exactly of English. It is Subject-Verb-Noun.