Trixie (dog)

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Trixie sitting in her favorite IKEA bag
Other name(s)Sausage Hog
SpeciesCanis lupus familiaris
c. 2008
Maryland, USA
Died27 July 2018
Lusby, Maryland, USA
Resting placeCremated
Known forPet of the Imperial Family of Pacem
OwnerNicholas Kaos
Named afterName chosen by random

Trixie COH (c. 2008 - 27 July 2018) was a pet beagle adopted by the Imperial Family of Pacem and was a member of the household from December 2017 to July 2018. She was originally bred to be a breeder dog and served this purpose until several years prior to 2017 until she was put into an adoption organization for elderly dogs. She was met by the family at the place of work of Imperial Mother Heidi and was brought into the household December 2017. She was considered to be the adoptive sister of Imperial pet Pebble.

It is unknown how many puppies Trixie was forced to have, however there have been attempts to locate her children and grandchildren throughout southern Maryland. Due to her treatment during her breeding years, she was in ill condition during her time with the Imperial Family, and died 27 July 2018 due to various complications. She was cremated 28 July and has remained with the family since.[1]


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