Republic of Abies

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Republic of Abies
Flag of Republic of Abies
Motto: Plebi ad plebem
CapitalTerrific Town
Largest cityNew Griffon
Official languagesEnglish
• President
Nicholas Kaos
Establishment6 June 2015
• Census
CurrencyUS dollar
Preceded by
Succeeded by
w:United States of America
Empire of Pacem


On June 6, 2015, the micronation was founded by its current president, Nick Kaos. This was caused by him having to do absolutely nothing on that Lazy Sunday. Then, after looking up how to create a country, he found his way to Molossia's webpage. This inspired him, after reading the whole page, to form the beautiful nation we know today as the Republic of Abies.

It has had one war so far, and that was a Civil War between a citizen unhappy with the country's decisions. The governmental side quickly won the war. It started with a small independence movement. Now, Sergeant Meghan T, she started an independence movement to try to form the Kingdom of Shopkinia because she believed a dictatorship was not the right form of government for Abies. The Battle of Terrific Town was a rebel won battle. They overwhelmed us with Nerf Rebelled bullets and crossbows. In The Battle of New Griffon, we demolished them with several Nerf guns and an SG HandDart. This ended in a governmental victory. But the government type changed from a dictatorship to a new government type democratic dictatorship.

On June 17, 2015, the republic declared war on the Kingdom of Lovely for mistreatment of citizens. King Danny had left his citizens in a defunct nation. Abies always wants people of any origin to be treated well. The next day, Abies won the Lovely-Abiean War. Abies won this small war by virtual battle through email. We constantly sent pictures and text stating one thing: Don't Mistreat Your Citizens! After contacting the Lovely government, they had an agreement on Abies winning because the government didn't want trouble.

On July 12, 2015, a national awards ceremony was taken place. His Greatness, President Nicholas Kaos awarded himself and Her Greatness, Vice President Heidi Jones the Order of the Cardinal. Afterwards, His Greatness awarded himself and Sargent Meghan T the Order of Abiean Soldiers. Finally, his greatness awarded himself the Lovely-Abiean War medal and the Victory of Abiean Civil War medal.

Beginning September 15, 2015, over 10 micronational alliances were established. This will probably be the greatest spike of alliances in Abiean history, as well as the last.

On September 16, 2015, we had a war officially ended. A random person contacted the republic declaring war on Abies. We asked them their name and they said these words, " It doesn't matter, my, nations gonna kick your butt!". There has been no contact post this last quote. The Vice President decided to call this the Troll War because it was decided that the person was an internet troll. We have set up a holiday to celebrate this, along with our other wars that ended in victory.

On December 6, 2015, Abies celebrated it's 6 month anniversary. It was a small but festive celebration. On December 7, 2015, Abies closed the AYA, Abien YouTube Alliance.


Abies was officially an autocracy, with the word of the President being the official law of the state. There was formerly a legislature, the Parliament of Abies, however it was never official instituted by the President. Abies also never had a judicial system, as it wasn't believed to be necessary at the time.


The President of Abies was a non-elected position in the Abiean government which acted as the Head of State and as the Head of Government. The first and only President was Nicholas Kaos, who established himself as such during the formation of Abies.

Presidential Cabinet

To assist in the governing of the state, the President was able to appoint various secretaries to help manage the President's duties.

Foreign Relations

Prior to its dissolution of the state, Abies signed countless treaties with nations across YouTube, MicroWiki, and the internet in general.

Nations with formal relations

The following nations are those of which signed an official treaty with Abies to establish diplomatic relations.

Recognized States

These are nations which Abies officially recognized but never established relations with.

Micronational Organizations

The following are micronational organizations and alliances Abies was a part of prior to dissolution.

  • American Micronational Corporation
  • Bedroomian Open Alliance Treaty
  • Abiean YouTube Alliance

Location and Geography

We are located macronationaly in Carney and Lusby, Maryland. We have two towns in the republic.

  • New Griffon

The largest town at about 18 ft squared. Was the latest town to be established.

  • New Pittsburg

An unknown size, this town is the first town to be formed.

  • Terrific Town

A town of unknown placement, it is said to be where Kaoslisism started. It is currently being searched for.

States and Provinces

  • Carnegia

This state is located in Carney, Maryland. Holds the town of New Griffon.

  • Subterraria

This state is located in Lusby, Maryland. Holds the town of New Pittsburgh.

  • Mythical

This state contains the mysterious Terrific Town. It is rumored to be located in a faraway land.


The republic has a varied culture. Its national dog is the pit-bull and national animal the groundhog. The people of Abies, especially children, are currently affected by Minecraft. Because of this, Minecraft has a big influence on our culture. Other large influences are Pokèmon, Star Wars, and YouTube. Most citizens believe in Kaosilism.

Myths and Legends

The tale of Mystica is one of great mystery. Long ago, a man only known as X started a small town. He later contacted Nick, who just started the Republic of Abies. X said that he needed to entrust Mystica and Terrific Town into Abies rule to protect it. He also passed tales about ancient gods and spirits. X told how all over America, Lords of Kaosilism will tell Sir Nick all about Kaosilism and the secrets to the Universe.


Kaosilism is the religion of how science worked together to create the known Universe. The story goes like this. 3.5 years ago, a man by the name only known as Lord Z founded a small one house village called Terrific Town. Eventually, the man met a boy named Nick, the president of Abies. This happened in November 2015 B.C.E. Lord Z explained that the particle that caused the Big Bang contained the goddess Plasmatta. Plasmatta is the goddess of all matter. Plasmatta was alone in the darkness of the new Universe, which cooled so nothing could form. Plasmatta waited years until suddenly, she found Totanus. Plasmatta and Totanus later had three children, Tero, Aerio, and Currantta. Tero is the god of solid matter. Aerio is the god of gaseous matter. Currantta is the goddess of all liquid water. After billions of years, the gods created what is now our current Universe. Plasmatta created the subatomic particles that Hero and Aerio made the elements with. Then, Currants liquefied them all. After that, Totanus created galaxies, planets, stars, etc. Then, Currants had her own child, Livenue. Livenue, he created all living things and aided evolution. Lord Z was never seen again after his original speech to Sir Nick. He also passed accounts of followers all over the world, which Sir Nick shall learn more of Kaosilism. Nick has currently met Sir Drakon, who passed myths of dangerous creatures and mystical locations such as the nations capital city, Terrific Town. It is said to be the perfect paradise. But to get through you have to defeat the Rake, a creature of death and destruction.

List of Kaotholic Gods

  • Palsmatta: Goddess of all Matter
  • Totanus: God of Creation
  • Tero: God of Solid Matter
  • Aerio: God of Gaseous Matter
  • Curranta: Goddess of Liquid Matter
  • Livenue: God of Life
  • Rake: Spirit of Death and Destruction


Tannanbaum Micronational College, or the T.M.C., is one of the few micronational colleges in the world. We are open to all in any macro or micronation. We currently have classes in:

  • Basic Zoology
  • Micronationalism
  • Basic Paleontology

National Holidays

These are the holidays of The Republic of Abies

  • January 1 New Year's Day
  • February 2 Groundhogs Day
  • February 22 Tax Day- Everybody loves paying taxes!
  • March 22 St. Patrick's Day
  • April 1 April's Fool's Day
  • First Sunday of April Easter
  • June 7 Independence Day
  • June 9 Civil War Remembering Day
  • June 17 Lovely-Abiean War Remembering Day
  • July 4 Fourth of July (American): We celebrate this for the fireworks and the idea of independence from your mother country
  • September 16 Troll War Remembering Day
  • September 22 Labour Day
  • October 31 Halloween
  • November 1–2 Emperor Norton Celebration Days- To celebrate the grate Emperor Norton
  • November 18 Lazy Day/ President Nick Kaos' Birthday- Celebrated with watching TV and giving presents to children
  • November 22 Thanksgiving
  • December 18 Force Day
  • December 24 Christmas Eve
  • December 25 Christmas Day
  • December 31 New Year's Eve


This is our currency system. It is made up of the Abiean Dollars (AD) and the Abiean Coin (AC). One AD is equal to 0.50 USD and one AC equals 0.25 USD.


  • Eat like a Pig: A competition where people get together and try to eat messier than each other
  • Liny: Another competition were you try to be the laziest person competing

Awards and Honours

Order of the Cardinal

The Order of the Cardinal. The highest honor in Abies. This has been awarded to His Greatness, President Nicholas Kaos and Her Greatness, Vice President Heidi Jones.

They also have the Order of Abiean Soilders, awarded to any soldier in Abies. This has been awarded to His Greatness, President Nick Kaos and Meghan T.

The Vice President of Hamania has been rewarded the Order of the Cardinal.