Kingdom of Hortum

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Kingdom of Hortum

Sandwiches are TASTY!
Capital city Beast City
Largest city Beast City
Official language(s) English
Short name Hortum
Demonym Hortunian,Hortunians
Government Oligarchy
Established 1st August 2015
Area claimed Unknown
Population 1 current resident
Currency Sandwiches
Time zone GMT
National drink Iron Brew
National animal Cute Penguins

Official Youtube Channel

The Kingdom of Hortum is a micronation that claims a small garden in Driffield as its territory

Although Hortum's claims to sovereignty and legitimacy are not recognized by any UN-recognized country,


One lovely day, the first king of Hortum (Sir Riley Somerville) declared independence from the nation of England. Riley's little sister called him an idiot but Riley didn't listen and carried on.


The Hortum FA File:Badger.png has set up 2 football (soccer) divisions and 1 domestic cup competition the 1st division is called the Hortum Super League and the second division is called the Hortum Second Division.


The Kingdom of Hortum is an oligarchy so the entire country is ruled by just one person Leaders 2015- Sir Riley Somerville