Phobos and Deimos Republic

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Phobos and Deimos

(Virtute siderum tenus)
Phobos, Deimos (Mars);
Capital city?
Largest city?
Official language(s)English, Italian
Official religion(s)None (Secular)
Short namePhobos & Deimos
GovernmentSemi-presidential/presidential republic (unique)

Official government website


Phobos and Deimos are two satellites that orbit the planet Mars, discovered in 1877 by astronomer Asaph Hall. The scientist decided to seek inspiration from Greek mythology, in fact the two celestial objects have been named as the sons of Ares and Aphrodite and meaning "fear" and "terror" of the war. The two satellites will not know very much, from their origin. It is commonly thought that Phobos and Deimos were originally two asteroids that have been attracted to the Martian gravity and began to orbit around the planet permanently, although there are other theories about it. Interesting is that Phobos would, in effect, an artificial satellite built by extraterrestrial entities in ancient times. This has also been reached on the basis of a number of irregularities including the strange composition of the object, that would prove to be hollow inside, and some footage of the space probe Phobos II that has taken a strange cylinder shaped object that was later identified as an alleged alien mothership orbiting parking.


The idea of ​​a nation that could go beyond the boundaries of the land is not new, but recent technological discoveries and space missions in the coming years (eg. Mars one) have brought to the fore the issue of sovereignty in space. It 'clear that in the near future we'll talk about what legal status of international law will benefit human colonies in the solar system. it is the opinion of the founder Adv. S. Gambino that the principle of self-determination should not encounter obstacles in the laws of states and the Law of Treaties. In particular, the statement in the treaty relating to the deep space of 1969 that "the heavenly bodies are not subject to claims of sovereignty by States" is to be understood solely as a principle intended only to prevent the nations most technologically advantaged may exclude the other from establishing colonies in space, and this all the more so for social groups who wish to settle on other celestial bodies in the future. For these reasons, it was formally established on Nov. 27, 2014 the Republic of Phobos and Deimos.


the Republic of Phobos and Deimos is a form of direct democracy and of presidentialism. Laws are promulgated by presidential decree, but discussed in consultation with the governing council. In matters of greater importance is the planned referendum as well as the election of the President and the council.