Free Monarchy of Comet

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The Free Monarchy of Comet is a small nation. We have territory in the southwest United States.Our government is a free monarchy. Free Monarchies have 3 decision making stages of government. The council, co-king or co queen, and king or queen. First, ideas go to the council. If they approve it goes to the co-ruler. If they approve, it sent to the king or queen. If they approve, they have made the final decision. Our government is also known as a council government.

Free Monarchy of Comet Info:

  • Population as of 6-11-2014:17
  • Pet population as of 6-11-2014:1
  • Crops grown in Comet: Rue, Basil, Apples, Pomegranates

Capital: Granttown (Brown River)

Provinces: Western Comet, Eastern Comet, Central Comet, Northern Comet, Southern Comet, Irvine, Apricot, Koa Moa, St. Charles, Oceanton, Samroon, and Saxon-Aoki

Territories: Cremona, Sun Summit, Eucalyptus

National Anthem: The national anthem is still being determined.

Left Photo: Flag of Comet Right Photo: Comet's Coat of Arms

Culture The Free Monarchy of Comet has a culture full of legends, traditions, and music. The most well known legend among the small population of Cometians is the Waterdemon. If you stand in the water for too long or call for the waterdemon, according to the legend, the waterdemon attacks you and then disappears. One neat Cometian tradition is on every March 21 people cover their hands with mud. They then find a huge, flat, riverbed stone. They press their hands into the stone making mud hand prints.

King: Wrich Jr. Co-King: Mahakian Council Head: Meyer

Official Religions: Mormon, Baptist, Lutheran, Muslim, Catholic Official Languages: Native Cometian, English Official Dog: Pomchi Official Bird: Magnificent Humming Bird