Free Monarchy of Comet

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The Free Monarchy of Comet is a small micronation located in the southwestern United States. The governmental system is a free monarchy.

Government and Politics

Free Monarchy System

Free Monarchies function as follows: 3 decision-making stages of government exist. These are the Council, Co-Ruler, and finally the head monarch. First, ideas go to the Council. If the Council approves the proposal, it goes to the Co-Ruler. If the Co-Ruler approves, the idea is sent to the head monarch. Whatever conclusion the head monarch reaches is the final decision. This form of government is also known as a council government.

Government Positions

  • King: Wrich Jr.
  • Co-King: Mahakian
  • Council Head: Meyer

Population & Demographics


  • Population as of 11 June 2014: 17
  • Pet population as of 11 June 2014: 1


The Free Monarchy of Comet has a culture full of legends, traditions, and music. The most well-known legend among the small population of Cometians is the Waterdemon. If you stand in the water for too long or call for the waterdemon, according to the legend, the waterdemon attacks you and then disappears. Another interesting Cometian tradition occurs annually on 21 March. People cover their hands with mud. Then they find a huge, flat, riverbed stone. They press their hands onto the stone, making mud handprints. In addition, the recognized official dog of Comet is the Pomchi and the recognized official bird of Comet is the Magnificent Humming Bird.


Crops grown in Comet include Rue, Basil, Apples, and Pomegranates.


Religions in Comet include Mormons, Baptists, Lutherans, Muslims, and Catholics. Languages in Comet include Native Cometian and English.


Capital: Granttown (Brown River)


  • Western Comet
  • Eastern Comet
  • Central Comet
  • Northern Comet
  • Southern Comet
  • Irvine
  • Apricot
  • Koa Moa
  • Saint Charles
  • Oceanton
  • Samroon
  • Saxon-Aoki


  • Cremona
  • Sun Summit
  • Eucalyptus

Flag of Comet & Comet's Coat of Arms

Flag of Comet.JPGPhoto (3).JPG