Pacemian legislative election, June 2021

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Pacemian legislative election, June 2021

← 2020 II 3–6 June 2021 2021 II →

All 3 seats in the Senate of Pacem
2 seats needed for a majority
Turnout66.7% 10.7 pp
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Liam Alexander Nicholas Kaos Chase Nanartowicz
Party Progressive Conservative Party of Pacem Reign We Are Anarchy!
Leader since 12 May 2021 19 December 2020 19 December 2020
Leader's seat Raccoon Territory Nekut Calverton
Last election 1 seat, 20.0% N/A 2 seats, 80.0%
Seats before 1 0 2
Seats after 1 1 1
Seat change Steady 0 1 1
Popular vote 3 2 3
Percentage 37.5% 25% 37.5%
Swing 17.5 pp 25 pp 42.5 pp

The June 2021 Pacemian legislative election, or the 6th Pacemian legislative election was an election that took place from 3 June to 6 June 2021. This was the first election to have taken place since December 2020 and the first to have taken place since the state of emergency enacted by Nicholas Kaos in February 2021.[1] The election comprised of one national constituency for the election of 3 seats in the Senate.


Due to inactivity in Pacem, a legislative election had not taken place since December 2020, with the issue of inactivity furthering itself with the withdrawal of Liam Alexander from Pacem.[1] However, following his return to the nation in a bid to reestablish activity, Alexander petitioned for the Emperor to call for an election for both the Senate and for the First Minister, and successfully gained enough support for an election to be called for 3 June to 6 June 2021.[2]

Liam Alexander returned to run for the Progressive Conservative Party of Pacem, which was reestablished alongside his return to Pacem. Incumbents Connor Stumperth and Chase Nanartowicz of We Are Anarchy! ran for reelection, and newcomer Esty Carpentieri of Reign ran for election for the first time.[3]


Candidate Party Votes % Result
Connor Stumperth   WAA 2 25.0 Elected
Liam Alexander   PCPP 3 37.5 Elected
Chase Nanartowicz   WAA 1 12.5 Not Elected
Esty Carpentieri   R 2 25.0 Elected


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