House of Kaos

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House of Kaos
Arms of Kaos.svg
Country State of Pacem
  • Netuk
  • Veqlar
Abeldane Empire
*Emperor of Abelden
*King of Alenshka
*Emperor of Pacem
*King of Veqlar
*Lord Protector of Netuk
FounderNicholas Kaos
Current headNicholas Kaos
EthnicityScottish, Irish, Cherokee

The House of Kaos is the current ruling house of the Abeldane Empire and the State of Pacem. The current head of the house is Nicholas Kaos, who founded the house in 2017 as a branch of the House of Giles-MacPherson-Lankford-Robinson.

The house is the sole ruling house of Pacem and is one of the 5 imperial houses of Abelden.


The house has its origins throughout the British Isles, most predominantly from Ireland and Scotland, and in the Cherokee people. Specifically, the house claims descent from the Giles family, rooted in Ireland, the Lankford family, rooted in England and Wales, Clan Macpherson of Scotland, and the Robinson family of southwest Virginia.

These families came together through the marriage of Jeffery Giles and Heidi Lankford-Robinson, who were both the armigers of all 4 families. This union resulted in the births of Ashley Benware nee Giles, William Giles, Nicholas Giles, and Meghan Giles, and the creation of the house in 1993.

In 2016, Nicholas would take the name of Kaos, and in 2017 would establish the House of Kaos as a cadet branch of the House of Giles-MacPherson-Lankford-Robinson. In 2020, through a decree in the Abeldane Empire, all members of the House of Giles-MacPherson-Lankford-Robinson would be removed from the succession of the House of Kaos, officially cutting ties between the houses.


Nicholas Kaos is the only current member of the House of Kaos, as the house split from the House of Giles-MacPherson-Lankford-Robinson, of which the rest of his family belongs to. All future members of the house are to be related to Nicholas Kaos through marriage, through descent, or through adoption.





  • Graf von Kaos
House of Kaos
Founding year: 2017
Preceded by
Throne established
Ruling House of Pacem
26 January 2016 – 27 July 2019
6 June 2020 - present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Throne Established
Ruling House of Veqlar
2 December 2016 – present
Succeeded by