Kingdom of Veqlar

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Kingdom of Veqlar
Veqlar flag.svg

Above those who stand against us!
Capital cityVulpes
Official language(s)American English
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- KingNicholas I
CurrencyAmerican Dollar
Time zoneEastern Standard Time
National animalGrey wolf

The Kingdom of Veqlar, commonly known as Veqlar, is a self-declared independent state commonly referred to as a micronation by outside observers located in Maryland. It was established by founder and current monarch Nicholas Kaos on 2 December 2016 to try and avoid reestablishing Pacem due to several months of inactivity.

Veqlar is a "Sixth World" micronation according to the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System.


Veqlar comes from the Klingon word "Veqlargh", which roughly means "Devil" in Klingon. The choice is cited as being the first word to come to Nicholas Kaos' head when deciding what word to translate for the name of the kingdom.