Kingdom of Veqlar

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Kingdom of Veqlar

Above those who stand against us!
Glenn Burnie, Maryland USA
Capital city Fox
Largest city Fox
Official language(s) American English
Demonym Veqlin
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Veqlin Monarch King K l
Population 1
Currency American Dollar
Time zone Eastern Standard Time
National animal Grey Wolf

Veqlar (Officially the Kingdom of Veqlar) is a small state located in Maryland, USA. It was founded by the current monarch, King Kaos l. While truthfully a micronation, Veqlar claims independence from the United States of America. In this effort to become truly independent, Veqlar shall strive for greatness throughout the years. Founded in Glenn Burnie, USA, Veqlar claimed its independence from the USA on 2 December 2016. It was later revealed, however, that this was a nation Nick Kaos made, afraid to come back to Pacem after so much inactivity.

Veqlar is a "Sixth World" micronation according to the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System.


Veqlar comes from the Klingon word "Veqlargh", which roughly means "Devil" in Klingon. The choice for this name is because King K has a strange fascination with the occult, but does not practice their beliefs.



For many years King K has been fascinated with micronations. After doing extensive research on politics and economy, he decided to start thinking of how to build up his micronation. He made a name, and started to build up a government. He put national symbols in place, and finally had made the flag. Veqlar had been officially formed.

King K announced to the micronational community of Veqlar's existence on 3 December 2016, at the crack of dawn.

King K quickly cracked down on the closest territory that was up for grabs: His own property. It is large enough to sustain Veqlar for now, and the country may need to expand one day. But for now, this newly claimed territory would do.

National Identity


The flag is split between 3 colors: Red, blue, and black. These colors were picked for many reasons and have several meanings.

~Black: The exploration of the unknown pushes us further.
~Red: The hardships that have been taken and will be taken for the independence of Veqlar.
~Blue: The peace that we strive to keep.

National Symbols

Currently, King K has decided upon only one national symbol: Our national animal. This is the Grey Wolf. It represents the strength of the nation as a whole, and the many attributes that we give to this great creature reflect Veqlar.


Due to being in the developing stage of building up the nation, Veqlar has almost no economy. However, King K has been coming up with with a currency called the Xeni. He proposes it to be worth $0.04 USD, but that is uncertain.