Martin Aquinas

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Martin Aquinas
Leader of the Opposition
assumed office
Predecessor Rilgar Ompastre
Successor Incumbent
Prime Minister
in office
04/03/21 - 07/11/21
Predecessor Harry Jones
Successor Rilgar Ompastre
Member of Parliament for Gateshead
Assumed office
Successor Incumbent
Chairman of the Socialist Party
Assumed office
02/05/18 - 11/01/21
Predecessor Office created
Successor Incumbent
Born Durham, Durham, Northumbria
Citizenship Northumbrian
Political party Socialist Party
Other political
Socialist Party of Sorrenia (2013-2014)
Sorrenian Workers Party (2014-2016)
The Republicans (2018)
NDLP (2018-2020)
Residence Bowburn, Durham, Northumbria
Alma mater University of Oxford
Religion Catholic


It is a political norm in Northumbria to adopt an alias, utilising a pseudonym and alternative portrait. Martin's portrait is the flag of the Kingdom of Northumbria, while his surname refers to famed Doctor of the Church, Thomas Aquinas.


Sorrenian Federation

1st Presidency of Sorrenia

2nd Presidency of Sorrenia

3rd Presidency of Sorrenia

4th Presidency of Sorrenia and Decline

Return to Micronationalism

In Opposition

In Government

Personal life

Parliamentary Results

Election Constituency Party % Lead +/- Nearest Party
June 2018 Bowburn The Republicans 80 70 16% New Monarchists
July 2018 Bowburn The Republicans 80 70 Steady0% New Monarchists
November 2018 Bowburn NDLP 48 6 32% The Republicans
November 2018 Bowburn NDLP 52 4 4% The Republicans
November 2019 Bowburn NDLP 44 3 8% The Republicans
January 2020 Bowburn NDLP 42 6 2% The Republicans


Sorrenian Federation

Kingdom of Sorrenia

Originally, Martin joined and lead The Republicans, retaining its left-wing economic policies, and calling for the dissolution of the monarchy and restoration of a republican mode of government. Over time however, Martin began to soften his attitude to monarchism in Sorrenia, believing dissolution would not only be infeasible, but potentially harmful in the long-term to Sorrenia. As a result, Martin sought to moderate the party's manifesto in the run-up to the November 2018 election. Unable to convince the other leading Republicans, Martin resigned, stating he could no longer lead The Republicans in good faith.

Martin in turn joined the NDLP, his previous electoral opponents. He quickly became a vocal supporter of Konpantzia Thought, and though he supported the party's coalition government with the New Monarchists, he did attempt to move the government's economic policies towards the left.

Martin is a member of the party's Konpantzia faction, and works closely with the ideology's founder, Melseeq Seetoornah. He also associates with many of the 'yellows', a more left-wing body of the party.

Military career