Alston Commune (Northumbria)

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Alston Commune
County flag

The Internationale
Kingdom of Northumbria
Capital cityBamburgh (national)
Alston (county)
Largest cityAlston
Official language(s)English (British English, Northumbrian dialects)
Official religion(s)Anglicanism
Short nameAlston
GovernmentAnarchist commune in a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
CurrencyPound Sterling
Time zoneNorthumbrian Standard Time

The Alston Commune (often referred to simply as Alston) is one of six counties within the Kingdom of Northumbria. It borders Hexhamshire to the north-east and Durham to the south-east. It is the smallest county by both population and area by a very large margin, encompassing just the small village of Alston. It is also perhaps the most unique county in terms of its government, created to be an anarchist commune.