Michael Disraeli

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Michael Disraeli
Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Sorrenia
In office
30/04/18 - 10/11/18
Predecessor Office established
Successor Llewelyn Lawton
Minister for Foreign Affairs
Assumed office
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Member of Parliament for Sacriston
Assumed office
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Born Durham, United Kingdom
Citizenship Sorrenian
Political party National Democratic Party
Other political
New Monarchists (2018-2020)
Residence Sacriston, Bernicia
Religion Anglican
Military service
Allegiance Royal Army of Sorrenia
In service 2018
Rank Sergeant


It is a political norm in Sorrenia to adopt an alias, utilising a pseudonym and alternative portrait. Michael's portrait is a caricature of Conservative Party theorist and Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli.

War of the Sorrenian Succession

Like many Sorrenian politicians, Michael's career began in the War of the Sorrenian Succession. Although only a sergeant, his role in seizing the Bernician Armaments Store was seen as pivotal to the success of the Sorrenian Royal Army, granting him a degree of immediate respect within monarchist circles.

Upon the ascension of King Ronald I to the throne, Michael was quick to manoeuvre into a position of power. Whereas Richard Brooker and Peter Otterson were able to most closely acquainted with King Ronald, Michael assumed the role of electoral organiser, running the campaign during the April 2018 election.

Michael's organisational capacity led to the election of four New Monarchists (including the monarch) and three Old Monarchists; he himself won the seat of Sacriston, the site of the Royal Palace. As a result, many parliamentarians owed personal loyalty to Michael, and he was chosen to be Prime Minister.


Michael's three successive terms as Prime Minister consolidated his power. His legislative agenda was heavily based upon the personal convictions of the King. Michael often co-opted policies introduced by other New Monarchist figures. He quickly became an ardent supporter of Northumbrianism and the Great Expansion, both introduced by Richard Brooker. And despite his personal Anglicanism, he supported Peter Otterson's attempt to recreate Sorrenia as a Catholic country.

Michael was able to pass several pieces of legislation that furthered Northumbrianism, and was able to pass the Great Expansion Bill in the King's Council, despite strong opposition. By delivering on the King's personal convictions, Michael was able to secure his position, both as Prime Minister and as a central theorist of the party.

November Election

With the resignation of Martin Aquinas from the leadership of The Republicans, Michael privately urged the King to call for a new election, to make use of The Republicans' weakened electoral position. He was able to convince the King, and led the party into its fourth election within one year.

Despite his personal confidence, the New Monarchists lost Chester-le-Street in the November 2018 election, which saw the NDLP rise meteorically, winning an additional five seats - only one below both the New Monarchists and The Republicans.

As a result, Michael sought to secure a coalition agreement between the New Monarchists and the NDLP. He was ultimately successful, however lost the Premiership, partly according to some sources as a result of the King's anger at calling the election. Nonetheless, Michael retained his vital role in the party, and was appointed to the Foreign Ministry.

Foreign Ministry

As Foreign Minister, Michael sought to re-establish the loyalties of party members after calls to replace him as party leader within the King's Council.

He was able to secure the appointment of several allies to the Small Council, and won an internal election for leadership in the King's Council.

On foreign policy, Michael hardened Sorrenia's isolationist policy, further complicating the process of entering into treaties and cutting the few informal relationships Sorrenia had.

Contrastingly however, Michael became an ardent supporter of the Republic of Oxford and their alliance to Sorrenia. Describing the People's Republic of Dale (a separatist micronation within the Republic of Oxford) as a 'communist tumour', Michael was able to win the support of leading Oxfordian officials, aided further by a state visit by himself and the King.

Personal life

Parliamentary Results

Election Constituency Party % Lead +/- Nearest Party
April 2018 Sacriston New Monarchists 68 36 N/A The Republicans
June 2018 Sacriston New Monarchists 70 38 2% The Republicans
July 2018 Sacriston New Monarchists 70 38 Steady0% The Republicans
November 2018 Sacriston New Monarchists 74 48 4% The Republicans


Michael is a self-described Tory, modelling himself on famed Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. He is a supporter of Northumbrianism, although is not as closely linked to the ideology as figures such as Richard Brooker.

Michael is generally identified as the leader of the Sultanists within the New Monarchists. His stringent loyalty to the King's will and his adoption of ideas favoured by the King serve as evidence for this. Unlike other Sultanists however, his strict support for the monarch is seen by some as realpolitik rather than genuine conviction.