Sorrenian general election, April 2019

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Sorrenian general election, April 2019
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← November 2018 09/04/19 November 2019 →
Party Leader % Seats ±
NDLP Llewelyn Lawton 34 16 +4
New Monarchists King Ronald I 25 13 0
The Republicans Harold Wanton 23 12 -1
Hortanian National Party Damian Billbrough 4 3 +2
Christian Alliance Richard Brooker 13 2 -5
Dradelian Revolutionary Front Rilgar Ompastre 1 1 0
Lasgalen Revolutionary Front Llewelyn Gwyndyr 0 0 0
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Prime Minister before Prime Minister after
Llewelyn Lawton
Llewelyn Lawton


New Monarchist-NDLP coalition government

NDLP manifesto release

Dradelian ceasefire announcement

Electoral system

The Kingdom of Sorrenia utilises a first-past-the-post voting system, whereby the candidate with a plurality of votes in a constituency wins the election. This electoral method came under scrutiny, especially by the NDLP and Christian Alliance, though has not been changed.

Along with the 46 members elected from constituencies throughout the country, the monarch is granted a permanent seat in the King's Council.

Campaign and candidates


Opinion polls


Pollster Release NM TR NDLP CA HNP DRF LRF Lead
Military Tribune 28% 24% 26% 17% 4% 1% N/A 2%
Military Tribune 28% 25% 27% 15% 4% 1% N/A 1%
New Democratic Times 27% 24% 30% 15% 3% 1% N/A 3%
Military Tribune 27% 24% 29% 16% 3% 1% N/A 2%
General election announced
People's Pravda 26% 26% 28% 16% 3% 1% N/A 2%
Military Tribune 28% 24% 28% 15% 4% 1% N/A Tie
Military Tribune 32% 24% 28% 11% 4% 1% N/A 4%
NDLP adopts Konpantzia Thought
New Democratic Times 31% 23% 31% 11% 3% 1% N/A Tie
Military Tribune 28% 22% 35% 11% 3% 1% N/A 7%
Dradelian ceasefire announced
Military Tribune 30% 22% 35% 11% 3% 1% N/A 5%
People's Pravda 25% 24% 34% 12% 4% 1% N/A 9%
Military Tribune 27% 23% 34% 11% 4% 1% N/A 7%
Exit Poll 26% 23% 35% 11% 4% 1% 0% 9%
Final Result 25% 23% 34% 13% 4% 1% 0% 9%


Pollster Release HNP TR NDLP Lead
Military Tribune 38% 28% 34% 4%
Military Tribune 36% 26% 38% 2%
General election announced
Hortanian Times 38% 26% 36% 2%
NDLP adopts Konpantzia Thought
Hortanian Times 36% 28% 36% Tie
Dradelian ceasefire announced
Hortanian Times 36% 26% 38% 2%
Military Tribune 38% 24% 38% Tie
Exit Poll 36% 26% 38% 2%
Final Result 38% 26% 36% 2%


Pollster Release DRF TR NM NDLP Lead
Military Tribune 52% 32% 8% 8% 20%
General election announced
Dradelian Herald 50% 34% 8% 8% 16%
NDLP adopts Konpantzia Thought
Dradelian Herald 52% 32% 8% 8% 20%
Dradelian ceasefire announced
Military Tribune 46% 30% 10% 14% 16%
Exit Poll 46% 30% 10% 14% 16%
Final Result 48% 30% 10% 12% 18%

Amon Lasgalen

Pollster Release NDLP CA TR LRF Lead
Llais Gwirionedd 38% 34% 16% 10% 4%
Llais Gwirionedd 40% 34% 15% 11% 6%
General election announced
Llais Gwirionedd 44% 30% 16% 10% 14%
Llais Gwirionedd 48% 30% 14% 8% 18%
NDLP adopts Konpantzia Thought
Llais Gwirionedd 50% 26% 14% 10% 24%
Dradelian ceasefire announced
Llais Gwirionedd 54% 24% 12% 10% 30%
Llais Gwirionedd 52% 26% 12% 10% 26%
Exit Poll 54% 26% 12% 8% 28%
Final Result 54% 26% 14% 6% 28%

Full Results

Popular Vote
New Monarchists
The Republicans
Christian Alliance
Hortanian National Party
Seat share in the King's Council
New Monarchists
The Republicans
Hortanian National Party
Christian Alliance

Results by constituency

Constituency Party before election Party after election
Kielder New Monarchists New Monarchists
Morpeth New Monarchists New Monarchists
Hexham New Monarchists New Monarchists
Outer Newcastle NDLP NDLP
Central Newcastle NDLP NDLP
Ouseburn The Republicans NDLP
West Newcastle The Republicans The Republicans
Gateshead The Republicans The Republicans
Jarrow The Republicans The Republicans
Whitley Bay Christian Alliance The Republicans
South Shields Christian Alliance The Republicans
Sunderland City The Republicans The Republicans
Seaham The Republicans The Republicans
Washington New Monarchists New Monarchists
Birtley Christian Alliance Christian Alliance
Chester-le-Street The Republicans The Republicans
Sacriston New Monarchists New Monarchists
Lanchester New Monarchists New Monarchists
Eastern Pennines New Monarchists New Monarchists
Dunelm New Monarchists New Monarchists
University Town NDLP NDLP
Sherburn The Republicans The Republicans
Ertawa Christian Alliance Christian Alliance
Dradelia Dradelian Revolutionary Front Dradelian Revolutionary Front
Bishop Auckland New Monarchists New Monarchists
Newton Aycliffe Christian Alliance NDLP
Darlington New Monarchists New Monarchists
Middlesbrough The Republicans The Republicans
Amon Lasgalen NDLP NDLP
West Yorkshire New Monarchists New Monarchists
East Yorkshire New Monarchists New Monarchists
Humberside The Republicans The Republicans
North Hortania Hortanian National Party Hortanian National Party
North Leeds NDLP NDLP
Leeds Dockland NDLP NDLP
South Leeds The Republicans Hortanian National Party
South Hortania The Republicans Hortanian National Party
Bradford The Republicans The Republicans
Carlisle NDLP NDLP
Lake District NDLP NDLP
Millom and Haverigg Christian Alliance NDLP
Lonsdale Christian Alliance NDLP
Lancaster NDLP NDLP

Results by party


The election results were a great victory for the NDLP, who won an additional 4 seats, increased their vote share by 8%, and now stood as the largest party in Sorrenia with a comfortable margin.

Party chairman Llewelyn Lawton celebrated the result in Amon Lasgalen, and described the result as the party's high point in its long history. Other party figures similarly celebrated the result, and Melseeq Seetoornah attributed the victory to the party's decision to embrace his ideology of Konpantzia Thought.

In his victory speech, Lawton announced the party would begin talks with both the New Monarchists and The Republicans to establish a coalition government, though stated that either party would have to dramatically alter some of their policies to enter into government with the NDLP.

New Monarchists

The election result was an embarrassment for the New Monarchists, whom for the first time in their history were no longer the largest party in Sorrenia. Although they didn't lose any seats, their vote share decreased by 3%, and several constituencies were only narrowly won.

Many in the party were surprised by the result, and had not believed polling indicating an NDLP victory was likely.

Despite the rise of NDLP support, the New Monarchists were generally able to maintain their vote share by winning votes from Christian Alliance supporters.

Unlike prior elections, the party's election response was given by Michael Disraeli, rather than the king. Similarly to The Republicans, Disraeli noted the need for self-assessment, though expressed pride in the party's record. He announced talks to establish another coalition government with the now larger NDLP.

The Republicans

The result was generally taken as a loss by The Republicans. Despite retaking seats in the east of Newcastle, the party also lost the constituencies of Ouseburn, South Leeds and South Hortania. The party's overall vote share slightly decreased by 1%.

Party leader Harold Wanton expressed a need for self-evaluation within the party, and encouraged the assessment of several of its more hard-republican stances. Nevertheless, he expressed a desire to form a coalition government with the now larger NDLP.

Christian Alliance

The Christian Alliance suffered their worst defeat in the party's history, with their vote share decreasing by 6.5%. The party lost most of their seats, with previous gains in Newcastle returning to The Republicans, and their two seats in Cumbria and Lonsdale going to NDLP candidates. The CA also lost their seat in South Durham, leaving them only two seats in total.

Party leader Richard Brooker conceded the party's loss, and attributed it to an attack from the New Monarchists, whom had previously worked with the CA in government. Brooker offered his resignation, though this was rejected by the party leadership. In his concession speech, Brooker spoke of the increasing marginalisation of the party, and the potential need to unify with the New Monarchists if poll results did not improve.


The HNP saw a modest increase in their vote share, narrowly beating the NDLP as the largest political party in Hortania. The party successfully retook the constituencies of South Leeds and South Hortania from The Republicans - tripling their number of seats - and heralded the result as a call for greater devolution in Sorrenia.

Party leader Damian Billbrough praised the party's decision not to run candidates in the nearby county of Yorkshire, and expressed a hope to win a majority of Hortanian seats in the next election.


The Dradelian Revolutionary Front comfortably won the one seat in Dradelia, by a margin of 18%. The victory was however far closer than previous elections, where the DRF had secured margins as high as 42%.

Party leader Rilgar Ompastre took his win to be a vindication of the party's ceasefire with the Sorrenian military, and promised to continue discussions with the future Sorrenian government.

In the constituency of Seaham in Sunderland, an unaffiliated candidate ran under the party's name but lost.


The Lasgalen Revolutionary Front once again saw a decline in their vote share, from 14% in November 2018 to just 6%. As a result, the party was subsequently disbanded, with leaders citing the lack of support for independence within Amon Lasgalen. Many of the members joined the NDLP, and continued to agitate for greater autonomy within the county.

Government Formation

Though the NDLP was now the largest party, they didn't possess a majority, and so would have to enter into a coalition government with either the New Monarchists or The Republicans, both of whom expressed a desire to form a government.