Sorrenian National Bank

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Sorrenian National Bank
Sorrenian National Bank
Logo of SNB
Logo of SNB
Central bank ofKingdom of Sorrenia
CurrencySorrenian Rosmerta
ROS (ISO 4217)

The Sorrenian National Bank is Sorrenia's central banking system. It is a private entity, however is majority held by King Ronald personally, causing it to effectively operate as a government entity.

Sorrenian Mint

The Sorrenian Mint acts as the sole printer of the Sorrenian Rosmerta. It is also located in Levaria and effectively operates directly under the leadership of the SNB.

Bank of Akebar

The Bank of Akebar controls interest rates and banking policy in an area previously controlled by the independent Free State of Akebar. Formed due to the close economic and political ties between the two micronations, the Bank remained an active entity after Akebar joined Sorrenia, and continues to function in the area.

In 2019, the Bank of Akebar became the SNB's official international branch, and began operating commercially in the State of Greater Soldeu by late January of that same year.