Alastair Song

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Alastair Song
Member of the 1st Executive Committee
Assumed office
Born Durham, United Kingdom
Citizenship Northumbrian
Political party Socialist Party
Other political
Republican Party (2018-20)
Residence Durham, Dunelm
Religion Atheist


It is a political norm in Sorrenia to adopt an alias, utilising a pseudonym and alternative portrait. Alastair's name and portrait are that of Alastair Campbell, a prominent Blairite, and long-time member of the UK Labour Party.

War of the Sorrenian Succession

Alastair did not serve in the War of the Sorrenian Succession. He was however well acquainted with several members of the Socialist League, and though he went to great lengths to avoid being labelled as a member, these carefully constructed relations placed him into a leading role with those members of the League who accepted an amnesty deal.

People's Pravda

Through his connections to the leading members of The Republicans, Alastair was appointed Chairman of the People's Pravda, the reformed newspaper of the party's predecessor, the Sorrenian Workers Party.

Alastair quickly used Bowburn's media infrastructure to set up the Pravda, finding a large reader base throughout County Durham. Upon the Great Expansion, Alastair took great pains to spread the newspaper into the large urban conurbations of Newcastle and Sunderland.

The People's Pravda is now the second most read newspaper in Sorrenia, behind only the state-ran Military Tribune. Alastair has at times used the newspaper to push his own form of left-wing politics, at times criticising the more radical contingents of The Republicans. His polemical style is often turned inwards to these groups, and at times he has faced expulsion from the Pravda and The Republicans; however, thanks to his role in expanding the party's influence, Alastair managed to survive these calls for expulsion.

November 2019 Election

After his success at the People's Pravda, Alastair was enlisted by Wanton to help design the party's manifesto; in the hope of breaking out electorally, Wanton was willing to moderate his party's stance, accepting some degree of the monarchist status-quo, and adopting more centre-left economic policies.

This came as a shock to many, and even led to several resignations from the party from more radical members. Nonetheless, Alastair and several leading party figures drafted up a new manifesto, entitled 'Healing and Growth'.

During the election itself, Alastair campaigned vociferously, and travelled throughout the country. He regularly appeared in TV debates, and continued as editor of the People's Pravda. His centre-left political stances and zeal attracted widespread support for The Republicans in areas of Sorrenia with large student and middle-class populations.

Alastair is often attributed with winning the November 2019 election for The Republicans, and certainly was instrumental in swinging several constituencies.

Minister for Internal Affairs

Alastair supported a coalition government with the NDLP, however was outvoted by the leading members of The Republicans, who instead chose to enter into coalition with the Christian Alliance and the HNP. Though a supporter of the electoral alliance with the former, Alastair was reportedly incensed by this outcome, fearing that The Republicans would be seen to tacitly support social conservatism.

Building upon his success in the election, Alastair was appointed as Minister for Internal Affairs; controversy arose as to his continued position at the People's Pravda, which some identified as a conflict of interests.

As Minister, Alastair was instrumental in building relations with the NDLP and New Monarchists, hoping to foster a new political landscape, generally based upon Konpantzia Thought. He quickly became instrumental in realising his party's manifesto promises, outlining a new welfare program, channelling funds into poorer regions of the north-east, and working closely with other ministers to ensure party cohesion in its proposals.

Personal life


Alastair is a moderate within The Republicans, and was instrumental in moving their political platform away from socialism, towards a centre-left stance. As chairman of the People's Pravda, Alastair vocally supported centre-left political candidates, and encouraged The Republicans to work towards a coalition government with the NDLP after the April 2019 election.

For his political stances, Alastair has often come under attack from more radical contingents within The Republicans, especially self-identified Pitmatics. Nonetheless, Alastair remains among the most prominent Republican figures, and continues to shape the party's platform and actions.