Rachel Filostonia

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Rachel Filostonia
Minister for Dradelia
Assumed office
Successor Incumbent
Member of Parliament for Jesmond
Assumed office
Successor Incumbent
Born Newcastle, United Kingdom
Citizenship Sorrenian
Political party NDLP
Residence Newcastle, Newcastle
Religion Agnostic


It is a political norm in Sorrenia to adopt an alias, utilising a pseudonym and alternative portrait. Rachel adopted the name 'Filostonia' due to her respect for Matthew Bollands, a now retired Sorrenian politician who represented the defunct state of Filostonia. Rachel also utilises the state flag as her portrait; although the flag contains communist imagery, Rachel is a self-defined liberal.

MP for Jesmond

Rachel is a relatively new figure in Sorrenian politics, and has only held a formal position since the November general election, wherein she won the seat of Jesmond, increasing the NDLP vote share.

Rachel spoke generally of granting Sorrenians a meaningful different option between the classic monarchist-republican divide. She has also spoken about outmanoeuvring The Republicans and developing the NDLP into the majority left-wing party in Sorrenia.

Minister for Dradelia

Rachel was appointed Minister for Dradelia by Llewelyn Lawton as part of a New Monarchist-NDLP-HNP coalition.

Her appointment denoted a return by the Sorrenian government to a policy of amnesty and negotiation with Dradelian dissidents.

Rachel has since proposed greater provisions to protect Dradelian culture and independence on social affairs in return for their reintegration with Sorrenia. She has also vocalised the potential creation of a new constituency in Horden in return for the dissolution of the Socialist League by Adam Scargill.

Thus far, no treaty or agreement has been made, although government sources have indicated the government is 'closer than ever' to addressing the Dradelian insurgency.

Personal life

Parliamentary Results

Election Constituency Party % Lead +/- Nearest Party
November 2018 Jesmond NDLP 54 12 6% New Monarchists


Rachel has become an emerging figure in the 'yellow' faction within the NDLP, and has supported co-opting certain social and economic policies from The Republicans. Unlike many others within the yellows however, Rachel has been mostly quiet on issues of electoral reform, refusing to endorse either Millomist or Konpantzian reforms.

Although a left-wing figure within the NDLP, Rachel is not a socialist, and self-describes as a social democrat, to the left of the NDLP moderate faction but to the right of The Republicans.

Unlike key NDLP figures including Chairman Llewelyn Lawton and Treasurer Stephen Linacre, Rachel is a secularist, although she has not endorsed any specific legislation to this end, in line with the government position endorsing Sorrenia's status as a catholic country.