Ronald I of Sorrenia

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His Royal Majesty Ronald the First
King of Sorrenia and Dradelia
King of Amon Lasgalen
Defender of the Faith

1st King of Sorrenia and Dradelia
Reign 01 April 2018 - present
Coronation 01/04/18
Predecessor Throne created
2nd King of Amon Lasgalen
Reign 04 April 2018 - present
Coronation 04/04/18
Predecessor Llewelyn Lawton
2nd Duke of Creton
Reign 04 April 2018 - present
Predecessor Llewelyn Lawton
Born 11/10/1998
Durham, United Kingdom
Religion Catholicism

King Ronald the First (Cumbric: Ronald Ri) is the current King of Sorrenia, Dradelia and Amon Lasgalen, after seizing power via a civil war known as the War of the Sorrenian Succession.

Before Sorrenia

Ronald is extremely reclusive in regard to his personal life, and so little is known of his childhood outside of friends and family. He is known however to have lived in Durham for all of his life.

Sorrenian Federation

Ronald played only a minor role in the Sorrenian Federation, and was never elected to office. He headed the Ministry of Culture for a short time but did not significantly alter any policy, instead continuing the improvements made by his predecessor.

After several months as the Minister for Culture, Ronald was replaced with Robert of Sorrenia who was deemed to be more culturally educated and so better placed. Ronald - who had only ever minimally engaged in Sorrenian politics - left Sorrenia entirely, although remained a citizen.

While a citizen of the Federation, Ronald was a member of the Party for Freedom and Democracy; although staunchly anti-socialist, he was somewhat known for his ability to cooperate with government officials.

War of the Sorrenian Succession

As Socialist League forces successfully routed State troops, King Ronald I was able to amass a conglomeration of forces opposed to socialism, including monarchists, loyalists, conservatives and moderates.

During the first two days of the conflict, he focused on generating more support in what became the monarchist stronghold of the North, encompassing Dunelm, Lanchester and Bernicia.

After the seizure of the Bernician armaments by royalists and an inconclusive League attack in Sacriston, Ronald mustered his forces and marched on Durham, successfully capturing it. After a short siege, Royalist forces proceeded to take the Socialist stronghold of Bowburn.

During the siege, Ronald was taken to Sacriston where he was officially crowned King of Sorrenia, after which he established the Royal Household.

King Ronald then used the Dradelian attack on Sorrenians in Horden as a casus belli and attacked Dradelia, conclusively defeating them and incorporating Dradelia into Sorrenia.

Finally, Ronald defeated Morgannwg forces who had entered Sorrenia to the south and marched on Richmond, declaring himself King of Amon Lasgalen.

King of Sorrenia

Military Service

King Ronald served in the Federation's Army as a sergeant, and conducted several expeditions to areas such as Muggleswick. He was never further promoted however, and as an NCO he never headed a mission.


King Ronald is a Roman Catholic. Several weeks after his ascension, he declared Catholicism to be the official religion of Sorrenia and created the Papal Directorate to guide him on ecclesiastic affairs.

The King's religion plays a significant role in government policy due to the Directorate's powers.


Below is the full title used by the King of Sorrenia and Dradelia:

His Royal Majesty
King of Sorrenia and Dradelia
King of Amon Lasgalen
Defender of the Faith
Duke of Creton
Conqueror of the Dradelians
Liberator of the Akebarians
Slayer of the Lambton Worm
Lord of all the Crows
Knight of the Order of Saint Cuthbert
Scribe of the Order of Saint Bede

King Ronald most regularly uses the first four lines when being introduced, while the full title is used during more formal engagements.

Political Views