Dradelian language

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живыям драделиюф
ẑivåjam dradelijuf
Pronunciation[ʒivɒjam dɾadelijuf]
Native toDradelia
Dradelic languages
  • Dradelian
Official status
Official language in
VRD Flag.png Province of Dradelia (Sorrenian Federation)
Regulated byDradelian Government

The Dradelian language (Dradelian: живыйам драделиюф ẑivåjam dradelijuf) is a constructed language which is the main language of the Province of Dradelia and is one of the official languages of the Sorrenian Federation. It is a por priori conlang, and is therefore not based upon any existing language. Despite this, its phonology was influenced by that of the Russian language and it has furthermore borrowed a small amount of its vocabulary from various other languages during its lifetime.

The language uses two alphabets, the Cyrillic alphabet, based upon KRussian orthography and Dradelian Latin, which is losely based upon Slavic and Nordic orthographies. The Arabic alphabet was previously used during a period of Islamic rule, however was replaced by Cyrillic following the reinstatement of secularist rule.

Dradelian is a member of the greater "Dradelic" language family of which Ertawan, spoken in Ertawa is also a member. Some Dradelian nationalists, however, claim Ertawan to be a divergent dialect of Dradelian.


Dradelian-Cy:Цак фуррос гузуткритай тугзу? Хуйжет химоцытелже быкыт, нёби, цебык гилувзан гыцыту, цадзытшыж шантыконсу зузим
Dradelian-Lt: Tsak furros guzutkritaj tugzu? Hujẑet himotsåtelẑe båkåt, nyobi, tsebåk giluvzan gåtsåtu, tsadzåtsyåẑ syantåkonsu zuzim.
Ertawan: Łuh alirrij guzutkum az nagzu? hujzam l amełobalzam bokam, njebi, łeboa giluwzam lunsonna, ładzamŝozh shánaoqau zuzim
English: Can you see those beautiful valleys? Which throughout history have existed, and are now a home for the Dradelian people.

Dradelian-Cy:Дын кипомкриташ тупемзин ресзосыйы ресанам цекуцу?
Dradelian-Lt:Dån kipomkritasy tupemzin reszosåjå resanam tsekutsu?
Ertawan: Balam kiba amkum asi nabemzil razesoja ram łekułu?
English: Why do those two pigs over there on the hill keep singing weird songs?.