King's Council of Sorrenia

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King's Council

Coussil er Ri
Coat of arms or logo
Unicameral legislature
Prime Minister
Opposition Leader
Speaker of the House
Last election
November 2018
Meeting place
Wharton Park

Powers and Authority

Electoral Method


Sorrenian Monarch

The King of Sorrenia is granted a seat on the Council; when in attendance, the King assumes the Speaker's seat, who is moved to the immediate left of the King.

The King is granted a vote on all bills and motions; as a matter of constitutional precedent however, the King only votes to break a tie.

Prime Minister

The head of the government's legislative agenda, and the King's representative when he is absent is the Prime Minister, a position appointed by the monarch.

The Prime Minister is tasked with establishing the government's legislative agenda and tabling the majority of votes. When the King is absent, the Prime Minister is expected to relay information to and from the Royal Court.

Opposition Leader

The Opposition Leader mirrors the activity of the Prime Minister, establishing a legislative agenda for their party, and if possible, for the entire opposition including third parties. The Opposition Leader may also appoint a shadow cabinet to challenge the Cabinet's policy decisions and activities.


The Speaker is tasked with maintaining parliamentary decorum, moving motions and bills to a vote, and generally maintaining order in the Council. When the King is absent, the Speaker sits in the 'High Chair'; when the King is present, the Speaker is resigned to the 'Low Chair', immediately to the left of the King.

The Speaker is a nonpartisan figure and cannot be a member of any party; when the King is absent, the Speaker assumes his vote should a tie emerge.


Parties have existed since the Council's formation. Currently, three major parties dominate the Council - the New Monarchists (monarchist), The Republicans (republican) and the NDLP (moderate). A fourth party - the Christian Alliance (monarchist) hold seven seats and were previously in coalition government with the New Monarchists.

Along with the four major parties, two minor ones exist - the Hortanian National Party (monarchist) who specifically run to represent Hortania and the Dradelian Revolutionary Front (separatist) who seek to attain independence for Dradelia.

Party Leader Founded Position Seats
  The Republicans Government Harold Wanton 2018 Socialism (republican)
17 / 47
  NDLP Opposition Llewelyn Lawton 2013 Social Democracy (moderate)
12 / 47
  New Monarchists Opposition King Ronald I 2018 Conservative (monarchist)
9 / 47
  Christian Alliance Government Richard Brooker 2018 Conservative (monarchist)
5 / 47
  Hortanian National Party Government Damian Billbrough 2015 Conservative (monarchist)
3 / 47
  Dradelian Revolutionary Front Opposition Rilgar Ompastre 2018 Separatist
1 / 47


Number Body Period Government Prime Minister Notes
1st Council 30/04/18 - 05/06/18 NM-OM Coalition Michael Disraeli
2nd Council 05/06/18 - 04/07/18 NM-OM Coalition Michael Disraeli
3rd Council 04/07/18 - 26/11/18 NM-OM-HNP Coalition Michael Disraeli
4th Council 26/11/18 - 09/04/19 NM-NDLP-HNP Coalition Llewelyn Lawton
5th Council 09/04/19 - 11/11/19 NDLP-NM-HNP Coalition Llewelyn Lawton
6th Council 11/11/19 - 11/01/20 TR-CA-HNP Coalition Harold Wanton
7th Council 11/01/20-31/01/20 TR-DRF Minority Coalition Michelle Livennson
8th Council 31/01/20 - NDLP-NM Coalition Llewelyn Lawton