Military Tribune

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Military Tribune
FormatOnline newspaper
Owner(s)State owned (de jure)
National Democratic Party (de facto)
Political alignmentAuthoritarian

The Military Tribune is a state-owned media company and one of the 'big two' newspapers (alongside the People's Pravda) operating in the Kingdom of Northumbria. Created initially to report only on military news and expeditions, the Tribune was transformed under the Kingdom of Sorrenia to operate as a mainstream news outlet.

Though ostensibly neutral as a state-owned company, the Tribune effectively operates as an outlet for the National Democratic Party. Nevertheless, the Tribune remains the most widely circulated newspaper in Northumbria, and is also the largest polling company.


Sorrenian Federation

The Tribune was created in early 2015 as a second state-owned newspaper whose sole responsibility was to report on military affairs and expeditions. As a result, the Tribune did not release regular publications, instead publishing newsletters only after a major military-related event. Despite its topic matter, the Tribune was owned by the civil government, and like Llais y Gwirionedd (Light of Truth) was expected to uphold a strict standard of neutrality.

Kingdom of Sorrenia

After the success of King Ronald in the War of the Sorrenian Succession, the Tribune was resurrected as state-owned broadsheet newspaper; by contrast, Llais y Gwirionedd, associated with the now marginalised Celticist movement, was never reformed by the government, and was instead resurrected as a private venture.

While not as overtly biased as the contemporary Tribune, it was under Ronald's rule that a degree of bias was first introduced into the Tribune. It was seen as soft on the government and particularly venerative of the monarchy and the New Monarchists. It continued to avoid overly normative terms and headlines, instead exhibiting bias in favour of the government tacitly through what it chose to report.

Kingdom of Northumbria

Once again, after a period of hiatus, the Tribune was reformed in 2020 with the creation of the Kingdom of Northumbria. Though once again ostensibly state-owned, the contemporary Tribune displays a far more open and unabashed degree of bias. Several members of the National Democratic Party are editors of the newspaper, and its offices are located close to the NDP's headquarters in Durham. It has generally abandoned any pretense to neutrality, openly condemning the Socialist Party and tacitly endorsing Rilgar Ompastre and his bid for Prime Minister. Thus, many consider the Tribune to effectively be the newspaper of the NDP, and it remains a key source of criticism relating to the government's control of media in Northumbria.