War of the Sorrenian Succession

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War of the Sorrenian Succession
Date: 30 March 2018 - 4 April 2018
Place: Sorrenia, Amon Lasgalen, Dradelia
Status: Royalist victory
 • Formation of the Kingdom of Sorrenia
 • Forced takeover of Dradelia and Morgannwg
State of Sorrenia Student's State of Eresamia New Monarchists

Old Monarchists

Socialist League

Workers Councils

Dradelian National Army Morgannwgydd Royal Army
Ceannard Elizabeth Lewis Brooklyn Hewitt King Ronald Harold Stampland Robert of Sorrenia Llewelyn of Morgannwg
2 injured 4 injured 6 injured 2 injured

The War of the Sorrenian Succession was a series of conflicts that transformed Sorrenia from the defunct State of Sorrenia into a unitary monarchy, under the rule of King Ronald I.

A map showing the various battles that occurred

Before the War

As interest in Sorrenia waned, the government's duties steadily diminished, and activity in the National Assembly ground to a halt. After several weeks of discussion, an attempted coup and a new constitution, the old government of Sorrenia officially declared an end to the Sorrenian project.

State of Sorrenia

Elizabeth Lewis, who had previously attempted a coup used the opportunity to seize control. She had President Robert of Sorrenia name her Prime Minister and then resign. Upon this resignation, she seized control, declared the National Assembly to be dissolved and ruled by decree. Elizabeth herself ruled in absentia from her hometown in Eresamia.

The State produced a new constitution but garnered little support from Sorrenian citizens. As a result, it too waned in importance.

Almost two years passed after the coup, with the State of Sorrenia claiming unchallenged de jure sovereignty, with little active control over the Sorrenian mainland. Several of the 'pit villages' in Sorrenia had formed workers councils, who increasingly began to vocalise their opposition to the State of Sorrenia. In March 2018, the Sorrenian Socialist League was formed, largely consisting of the workers councils and remnants of the Sorrenian Workers Party who had rejected the leadership's call to abandon the Sorrenian project.

Steadily, the Socialist League gained stead and took several key surrounding villages, while Erasamian forces ostensibly held the centre.

Monarchist Success

Over time, the State of Sorrenia lost several key battles, removing them almost completely off mainland Sorrenia. This increasingly allowed the League to assume control over more and more of Sorrenia. In response to this, a man named Ronald (later becoming King Ronald) organised those areas of Sorrenia opposed to a return to socialism. The various right-wing localities, combined with the remnants of the Monarchist Party created the Royal Army of Sorrenia and sought to take control over West and North Sorrenia, as the League took all of East and South Sorrenia.

Conflict centered around the city of Durham, with fighting spilling over into both Bowburn and Bernicia. Initial fighting in February and early March largely saw the monarchists succeeding in large battles, while the Socialist League effectively countered using guerrilla warfare.

Eventually, the monarchists secured Bernicia, and used the armaments stored there to re-equip the Royal Army. By mid March, they stormed several League strongholds, ending the Siege on Durham, and immediately launched a counter-offensive, taking the Socialist capital of New Havana in Bowburn.

Upon this, the Socialist League largely splinted and routed, with several of the leadership being arrested. Talks began with those remaining, and culminated in the formation of the Kingdom of Sorrenia on March the 31st in Sacriston.

Organised resistance to the monarchists remained only in areas of Southern Dradelia (especially Horden).

Invasion of Dradelia

The League's maintained support in South Dradelia angered both the Kingdom of Sorrenia and the now independent Province of Dradelia which broke away peacefully during the collapse of the Sorrenian Federation.

On April Fool's Day 2018, the Dradelian Army stormed Horden. Casualties were low (sources reported a failed attack with a rocket), however the Kingdom of Sorrenia used it to justify an invasion of Dradelia, citing the defence of Sorrenian citizens and a restatement of Sorrenia's historic right to Dradelia.

Upon the Sorrenian invasion, Dradelian forces were immediately withdrawn from Horden, but were attacked upon their leaving. Once the army reached the battlefield in Easington, they were already tired and wet, due to the poor weather conditions. As a result, the Sorrenian Royal Army defeated them with ease, and proclaimed sovereignty over all of Dradelia.

Response from the Kingdom of Morgannwg

As Sorrenia erupted into war, the Kingdom of Morgannwg (located to the south of Sorrenia) - which had broken away prior to the collapse of Sorrenia - mobilised their Royal Army. King Llewelyn gave a rousing speech, saying "No Sorrenian shall take even one square foot of our glorious realm!". Reports additionally show that the Kingdom may have sent funds to support the State of Sorrenia against the Socialist League.

Upon the success of the monarchist faction, Morgannwg declared a peaceful end to the war, and stated interest in peaceful diplomacy with the new Kingdom. However, upon the invasion of Dradelia, the mobilised Morgannwgydd Royal Army entered the South, seizing almost all of Bowburn and Ertawa.

They retained control over South Sorrenia, and stated that the Kingdom must relinquish all claims to Dradelia. By the third of April, Sorrenian forces were trickling in, returning from the Dradelian Front. King Ronald personally led an attack on Morgannwgydd forces in Ertawa, steadily pushing them back. By the end of the day, Sorrenian troops had control of Eryn Galen. By the fourth of April, the Morgannwgydd Royal Army abandoned Bowburn and returned to their Kingdom, but were decisively defeated.

After this, King Ronald declared a complete victory, and restored Sorrenia's claim to the Kingdom of Morgannwg (renamed Amon Lasgalen).



  • First Battle for New Havana - a Workers Council pushed State troops out of Havana, and declared a renewed Sorrenian Federation
  • Battle of the Durham Forest Passing - State troops attempted to enter Bowburn via the forest passing, at which point they were bombarded with water bombs and other projectiles. State troops were forced back, granting the Socialist League complete control over the State of Bowburn
  • First Battle of Levaria - Socialist League troops entered Levaria, routing the few remaining State troops from Sorrenia. Here, at the historic capital of Sorrenia, the League announced victory, and a restored Federation
  • Battle of Bridge End - Royalist forces attacked the Workers Council in Bernicia, decisively defeating them. Despite continued guerrilla warfare, this granted the royalists control of the North, and the famed Bernician armament store
  • Heron Foods Attack - in retaliation, the League attacked Royalist forces near the Heron Foods in Sacriston. The attack was inconclusive
  • Second Battle of Levaria - just several days after the League seized Levaria, they were forced to retreat due to harassment and bombardment from Royalist forces. As League troops ran out of snacks, they chose to move their base of operations to Bowburn in the South
  • Siege of Durham - League forces established a complete siege from the South, with smaller attacks occurring on Royalist movements in and out of Durham from the North and West. Once Bernician armaments entered the city, the siege was resoundingly defeated
  • Second Battle for New Havana - Royalist forces immediately followed the fleeing League and attacked New Havana. Despite fighting uphill against a passionate force, after hours of fighting, the Royalist forces were successful
  • Horden Carnage - the surprise attack on League forces in Horden by Dradelia essentially demolished any remaining League strength. Dradelia was successful, although the Royalist invasion prevented a conclusive victory
  • Battle of Good Grace - Dradelian forces were defeated in Easington by the Royalists, but were allowed to buy food and drink, and signed the Treaty of Dradelian Subservience, after which the Royalist forces engaged in partying with the defeated Dradelians
  • Taking of Ertawa and Bowburn - Morgannwgydd forces sweeped into Ertawa and Bowburn, forcing the surrender of the meager garrisons, and securing an alliance with the few League forces that remained in Bowburn
  • Battle of the Crow - Royalist forces narrowly defeated the Morgannwgydd Royal Army, and won after intense fighting when a crow attacked the Morgannwgydd general, temporarily disorientating him
  • Battle of Eryn Galen - Royalist forces took Eryn Galen with relative ease, and ambushed the returning Morgannwgydd forces, leading to a general surrender and the Treaty to Restore Amon Lasgalen