New Monarchists

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New Monarchists
LeaderKing Ronald I
ChairpersonMichael Disraeli
SpokespersonPeter Otterson
NewspaperThe King's Herald
Youth wingNorthumbria's Future
Ideology • Monarchism
 • Nationalism
 • Conservatism
 • Northumbrianism
Internal Factions
 • Sultanism
 • Centrism
Colours  Gold (official)
  Blue (customary)
King's Council
9 / 47
Papal Directorate
3 / 5
Country Sorrenia

The New Monarchists are a political coalition in the Kingdom of Sorrenia who primarily seek to uphold the kingship of King Roland I.

The New Monarchists began as an armed organisation seeking to install their claimant to the throne. After several days of fighting against the Socialist League, the monarchists were successful, and Ronald was installed in Sacriston. In the following days, Dradelia and Morgannwg were seized, extending Ronald's rule to all of historic Sorrenia.

The New Monarchists are named as such largely because they were young monarchists centered around support for King Ronald rather than a wider belief in monarchism. Most members had no history in Sorrenian politics and were borne from the tension of the War of the Sorrenian Succession


War of the Sorrenian Succession

Unlike their elder counterparts, the New Monarchists were distinctly created by the War of the Sorrenian Succession. Largely out of anger against a potential return to socialist rule, Ronald I organised several right-wing militias together into a single royal army.

Initially, the Royal Army did not attack the Socialist League, but instead focused on securing support, largely in the North and West.

Eventually, the Royal Army secured Bernicia and the armaments storage. They then lifted the siege of Durham and rescued King Ronald. He was swiftly transported to Sacriston for crowning, while the army attacked and seized New Havana.

Once Sorrenia was largely secured, the Royal Army was used to invade and occupy Dradelia and reform Amon Lasgalen.

Throughout the war, the New Monarchists were joined by those later termed the 'Old Monarchists', although throughout the War, the distinction was not clearly made, and all of the monarchist forces largely fought to install Ronald.

Installation of King Ronald I

King Ronald was crowned as such on the 31st of April in Sacriston, now the official seat of the Royal Household. The crowning was met by widespread jubilation throughout the country, as citizens sought to move away from the days of fighting. Tensions remained high however in the Republican strongholds of Bowburn and Horden.

In Government

Key allies arose to form the King's Council, a body with primarily economic and social powers. Once elected, the New Monarchists immediately formed a coalition with the Old, with the shared intention of maintaining the kingship of Ronald, a creation of a coherent monetary policy, and a military response to the remaining insurgency in Sorrenia.

The most significant policy while in government has been the Great Expansion, which extended Sorrenia's claim from the traditionally claimed areas in Durham, to the entirety of Northern England, stretching from the River Humber in the south to Berwick-upon-Tweed in the north.

Other than this, the New Monarchists have readily adopted Northumbrianism, and have reformed Sorrenia's identity into one which heavily adopts traditional elements of Northumbrian culture. The creation of the Papal Directorate also marked a stark transition away from the historic norm of secularism in Sorrenia, towards an active promotion of Catholicism.

Electoral Performance

The New Monarchists remain the joint largest political party, alongside their opponents The Republicans. New Monarchist support has steadily constituted around a third of the Sorrenian population, and King Ronald's own successes, alongside the cultural boom that has occurred in Sorrenia has resulted in favourable results in opinion polls.

Election year % seats won +/- Government
2018 I 30
4 / 12
4 Yes senior party in coalition
2018 II 28
7 / 21
3 Yes senior party in coalition
2018 III 30
14 / 47
7 Yes senior party in coalition
2018 IV 28
13 / 47
1 Yes joint member in coalition
2019 I 25
13 / 47
Steady 0 Yes joint member in coalition
2019 II 18
9 / 47
4 No in opposition
2020 I
14 / 58
5 Yes joint member in coalition

Timeline of Party Leaders

Picture Name Term start Term end Notes
King Ronald I 04/04/18 Incumbent

Party Factions

The New Monarchists are the least internally divisive of Sorrenia's political parties. Although two factions do exist, they are generally loose alliances and not necessarily hostile to one another:

 • Centrists - the centrists emerged as a response to the official party stance of conservatism, and call for a realignment of the party towards the centre. Headed by Peter Otterson, other members include Claire Aurelia and Thomas Levy
 • Sultanists - the Sultanists are noted by their loyalty specifically to King Ronald, rather than the monarchy more generally. They advocate a greater, almost absolute power of the monarch to determine party policy.

Policy Stances

 • Loyalism - the party remains in support of the kingship of Ronald I, and states that its primary aim is to protect the monarchy.
 • Nationalism - the party seeks to uphold and develop a unique Sorrenian culture and identity
 • Conservatism - generally supportive of centre-right laissez-faire economics, the party is also mostly conservative socially
 • Northumbrianism - King Ronald's own support for Northumbrianism has been readily adopted by the party