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Flag of Sherburn
United We Stand
Anthem: The Internationale
Country Sorrenian Federation
County CapitalSherburn Village
 • Total30 km2 (10 sq mi)
WebsiteMap of Sorrenia

Sherburn is a county in the Durham Area in the Kingdom of Sorrenia.


Sherburn is named after Sherburn Village, historically the largest settlement in the county. This name itself is of Anglo-Saxon origin, derived from the Old English words 'scir' meaning bright and 'burna' meaning stream.


Sherburn's flag is a horizontal bicolour flag, with gold on the upper section and red on the lower. Placed on top of the colours is a Soviet-style emblem with a wheat wreath and a tractor. Created during the days of the Federation, the flag intended to show Sherburn's agricultural history and its dedication to the socialist ideals.

Although some within the government have called for the flag to be replaced, no changes have yet occurred.


Before Sorrenia

Sherburn has remained a rural area throughout its entire history. The Industrial Revolution did however alter traditionally agricultural villages such as Sherburn with the formation of collieries to mine for coal.

As with much of the area, the decline of the coal industry harmed Sherburn's economy.

Sorrenian Federation

Sorrenia's claim upon Sherburn first began in 2015 when the state of East Sorrenia was formed, with the intention of unifying the Sorrenian mainland with the separated state of Dradelia.

East Sorrenia eventually shrunk in size until it centred around the village of Sherburn, thus resulting in its renaming.

War of the Sorrenian Succession

The organisation of the nearby state of Bowburn into the Socialist League led to similar action in Sherburn. Many people from the area joined the Socialist League and stormed Durham, eventually retaking Levaria.

After the collapse of the Socialist League in Bowburn by royalist forces, most of Sherburn surrendered, allowing Royalist troops to enter the area peacefully.

Kingdom of Sorrenia

Sherburn has remained a point of significant support for The Republicans, although is generally safer for Royalist forces to enter than Bowburn.

The redefining of Sherburn's borders to include the area of Dragonville (a large shopping estate) was seen as a political move to change voting demographics in the county by giving it additional importance.

The Great Expansion has led to Sherburn becoming one of Sorrenia's smallest counties, both in terms of population and size.


Sherburn is one of two states in Sorrenia that continue to vote almost entirely for the left-wing Republicans. The area consists primarily of several small pit villages and historically the area reliably voted for the various left-wing parties that existed in Sorrenia. Along with Bowburn, they made up the historical heart of the socialist vote.

Party Vote Percentage Seats +/–
Sherburn (June 2018)
The Republicans 80% 1 Steady0%
NDLP 10% 0 Steady0%
New Monarchists 5% 0 5%
Old Monarchists 5% 0 5%


Sherburn is an almost entirely rural county and is hilly. To its west one enters the county of Dunelm and the city of Durham. To its east, one enters Dradelia and can eventually approach Hartlepool in Teesside.

The A1 motorway also runs through Sherburn with an entrance/exit to its north.

Sherburn is also host to a large golf course owned by the Ramside Hotel.



Most inhabitants commute to the nearby city of Durham, or work in the Dragonville retail estate. Many are also employed by other service-sector industries such as the Ramside Hotel and the Bannatyne Spa and Gym.

To the east of the county, an open-air limestone pit employs many locals.

Main Sights

 • Dragonville Retail Estate - Dragonville is a large retail estate offering home goods, DIY tools, general shopping and fast food
 • Soccarena - Soccarena is a large indoor football complex
 • Sherburn Village - the small village of Sherburn acts as the capital of the county