Dradelian Herald

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Dradelian Herald
FormatOnline newspaper
Owner(s)Dradelian Revolutionary Front
Political alignmentSeparatist

The Dradelian Herald is a Sorrenian newspaper operating exclusively in the counties of Dradelia and Sunderland. The newspaper is owned and ran by the Dradelian Revolutionary Front, an armed political party operating from within Dradelia.

The paper's affiliation with the militant wing of the DRF has led to its being banned by the Sorrenian government. Despite this, the paper is widely read in Dradelia, where the DRF retains de facto control. The newspaper also attracts readership from the nearby town of Seaham in Sunderland, where a candidate aligned with the DRF won election during the July 2018 election.

The Herald strongly and openly endorses the separation of Dradelia from Sorrenia, in line with the DRF's official stance. The party consistently criticises the Sorrenian government for their actions during the War of the Sorrenian Succession, and continues to support a policy of aggression towards Sorrenia.

That said, the party has consistently altered its editorial stance in line with changes in DRF policy; the paper has at times encouraged the signing of a ceasefire and more recently has hinted at an end to armed struggle in Dradelia.