Dradelian Herald

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Dradelian Herald
FormatOnline newspaper
Owner(s)Private (contemporary)
Dradelian Revolutionary Front (historically)
Political alignmentNon-political (contemporary)
Separatist, left-wing (historically)
HeadquartersEasington Village

The Dradelian Herald is a privately owned online newspaper operating in the Kingdom of Northumbria. Created initially as the media wing of the Dradelian Revolutionary Front, a left-wing separatist force agitating for an independent Dradelia, the contemporary Dradelian Herald is a non-political culture magazine which focuses on natural geography photography, conglanging and dialectology, and discussions of cuisine.


Kingdom of Sorrenia

The Dradelian Herald began as a Sorrenian newspaper operating exclusively in the county of Dradelia. It was owned and operated by the Dradelian Revolutionary Front, who used the newspaper to promote Dradelian separatism. The paper's affiliation with the armed wing of the DRF led to its proscription by the Sorrenian government. Despite this, the paper was widely read in Dradelia, especially in areas where the DRF held de facto control. The newspaper also attracted a readership in the nearby town of Seaham.

The Herald relentlessly criticised the Sorrenian government for their actions during the War of the Sorrenian Succession, and supported a policy of aggression towards Sorrenia.

The newspaper consistently altered its editorial stance in line with changes in DRF policy, suggesting little to no editorial independence. The paper at times encouraged the signing of a ceasefire between the DRF and the Sorrenian Royal Army, and towards the end of Sorrenia's life called for an end to armed struggle and the adoption of a democratic route to independence.

Kingdom of Northumbria

Despite its reputation as a dissident politicised newspaper, the contemporary Herald is entirely non-political, and has never released articles concerning Northumbrian politics. Instead, it was created as a culture newspaper, and used Dradelia's reputation for its rich symbolism to represent this new purpose. The Herald usually focuses on topics related to East Durham, but does also publish articles with a wider focus.