Rilgar Ompastre

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Rilgahr Ahzzaʻkrahwkpawernu Aʻmpastrʻe
Рилгаьр Аьззаъкраьвкпаверну Аъмпастръе

Rilgar Ompastre(EN)
Coat of Arms of Neuvilleland
Personal information
Born 18 September 1998 (1998-09-18) (age 22)
Citizenship Neuvilelland, United Kingdom
Nationality Neuvilleish, British
Ethnicity Neuvillish
Occupation Student
Religion Roman Catholicism
Military service
Allegiance Neuvilleland flag.png Neuvilleish Defence Battalion
Rank General

Knusij Rilgahr Ahzzaʻkrahwkpawernu Aʻmpastrʻe Laʻnuwerpa (Anglicised: Rilgar Ompastre, son of Azzokravg, King the Neuvilles) is the first, and only to date, Knusij (King) of the Kingdom of Neuvilleland. Rilgahr is of maternal Tyndall descend, and therefore claims descent from the Anglo-Saxon Earls of Northumbria as well as from the Gaelic Kings of Scotland, specifically Donald III of Scotland.

Rilgahr was also involved with the now defunct Sorrenian Federation, serving as a member of the Sorrenian Workers Party and as President for a short period of time in 2015.

Offices Currently Held

Name Nation Flag Assumed Predecessor Other Information
President of Neuvilleland Flag of Neuvilleland.png January 2018 Mattajaʻs Sdigerʻk Reestablished office following the National Resurrection, approximately five years after Sdigerʻk's abdication and subsequent dissolution of Neuvilleland

Former Offices

Name Nation Flag Assumed Predecessor Other Information
President of Akebar-Wensleydale Flag of Akebar.png 28/09/14 Office Established to replace Monarch Became President after ousting King Joseph Kennedy
Chief Territorial Governor of Sorrenia Sorrenian Flag.jpg 07/03/14 Office Established Won the election with a landslide victory
Viceroy of Akebar Flag of Akebar.png Flag of Pavlov.jpg 14/10/16 Office Established