Melseeq Seetoornah

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Melseeq Seetoornah
Minister for the Environment
Assumed office
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Member of Parliament for University Town
Assumed office
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Dunelm Council Member for St Hilda's
In office
10/04/18 - 26/11/18
Predecessor Office established
Born Durham, United Kingdom
Citizenship Sorrenian
Political party NDLP
Residence Durham, University Town
Religion Methodist


It is a political norm in Sorrenia to adopt an alias, utilising a pseudonym and alternative portrait. Melseeq Seetoornah is a translation of 'John Smith' into the Mezerizeb language. A Mezerizeb Methodist, Melseeq uses the Methodist Church of Great Britain cross as his portrait.

Dunelm Council

Unlike the majority of Sorrenian politicians, Melseeq did not take part in the War of the Sorrenian Succession. After its conclusion however he entered politics by joining the NDLP.

He was elected to the Dunelm Council, representing St Hilda's in Sorrenia's capital county.

After several months in office Melseeq resigned, angered at the political divisiveness in the council; he lambasted the New Monarchists for being too uncompromising, and also criticised members of his own party for their weak policy platform.

Development of Konpantzia Thought

Melseeq took several weeks to assess the state of politics in Sorrenia, and produced a thesis tilted 'Stability and Longevity in Sorrenia', in which he outlined what became Konpantzia Thought; a policy of alternating powers between monarchist and republican institutions.

Melseeq's thesis immediately attracted support, especially from the student population of Sorrenia, many of whom felt disenfranchised by the monarchist-republican split.

Entrance into the King's Council

Melseeq ran for the NDLP in University Town, specifically on a platform of introducing Konpantzia Thought into government. He narrowly defeated The Republicans in the constituency, allowing him to enter national Sorrenian politics.

His electoral success granted his theory additional scrutiny; and although it was rejected by the New Monarchists and The Republicans, several NDLP chapters in southern counties officially endorsed the treatise, and several members of the Christian Alliance vocalised support, creating a Konpantzia faction within the party.

As a result, Melseeq quickly became a leading voice within the NDLP, working closely with other party figures such as Llewelyn Lawton and Jonathan Richmond.

Minister for the Environment

In November 2018, after a significant electoral victory by the NDLP, Melseeq was appointed Minister for the Environment in a New Monarchist-NDLP coalition government.

Melseeq has been criticised by some for failing to fulfil the duties of his office, instead continuing to focus on constitutional reform. In relation to the environment, Melseeq has urged the government to call for a shift towards green energy production, and has also furthered the program of 'mini-farms', a policy employed during the Sorrenian Federation which encourages citizens to grow a small number of crops within their garden.

Personal life

Parliamentary Results

Election Constituency Party % Lead +/- Nearest Party
November 2018 University Town NDLP 44 4 Steady0% The Republicans


Melseeq is the head of the Konpantzia faction within the NDLP, attracting support largely from NDLP chapters in Hortania, Yorkshire and Amon Lasgalen.

Although Melseeq is a member of government and works with several leading NDLP figures, he is nonetheless often seen as somewhat of an outsider, choosing to align often with NDLP members outside of the party leadership.