New Democratic Times

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New Democratic Times
FormatOnline newspaper
Owner(s)Privately owned
Political alignmentRepublicanism

The New Democratic Times is a left-of-centre newspaper, and one of the three major newspapers operating in the Kingdom of Sorrenia. Created initially during the days of the Sorrenian Federation, the NDT served as a party paper for the NDLP.

With the emergence of the Kingdom of Sorrenia, the NDT was reformed, again as a party newspaper. After several editorial disagreements between NDT authors and the party, the newspaper was granted full editorial independence, and later became privately owned.

The NDT continues to maintain a left-of-centre bias, and is generally seen as being republican. That said, the NDT allows for a broad spectrum of opinion pieces within the newspaper, and maintains less of a consistent bias than the People's Pravda or Military Tribune. In particular, the NDT's polls have come to be some of the most trusted in Sorrenia.