Sorrenian Cumbric language

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Sorrenian Cumbric

Regulated byGovernment of Sorrenia
Spoken inKingdom of Sorrenia
  • Celtic
    • Gallo-Brittonic/P Celtic
      • Cumbric
        • Sorrenian

The Sorrenian Cumbric language, or simply Cumbric is an official language of the Kingdom of Sorrenia, based upon the extinct language of Cumbric. It is used primarily for cultural or ceremonial purposes, since English is the language of everyday communication of most Sorrenians and the language used by the government for official purposes.

It replaced Welsh as the nation's second official language after it was decided that the Sorrenian Federation needed a unique Celtic language which wasn't used by any country already. Revived Cumbric was chosen since Cumbric was once spoken in the Sorrenian mainland giving Sorrenia a historic link to the language.


Lord's Prayer

An Tat essidh in er Nev
Bit seyth de anuw
Dowet de diarnas Bit gwrayth de vodh
War dhaer mal in er Nev
Rodh an bara pownidhol dun hedhiw
A madhow an gleedow
Mal e madhowen an gleedwir
A na thuwis ni du dentot
Eythir gwaret ni rak maloonder
Is tow er Diarnas
Er cuvoyth a’r gogonyant
In ais aissow

Pais Dinogad

  • Welsh: Pais Dinogad, fraeth, fraeth, o grwyn balaod fe’i wnaeth,
  • Cumbric: Pes Dinngat iw breth-vreth, o groon beleet bann wreth,